Matrox Graphics and Amara International partner to bring Matrox Equinox and Onyx products to China

Chinese healthcare facilities benefit from new display options and increased connectivity for operating rooms offered by Matrox graphics extension units and display controller boards

Montreal, Canada, June 16, 2008—Matrox Graphics Inc., the leading manufacturer of professional graphics solutions, today announced that Amara International Ltd, based in Shenzhen, China, is an authorized agent for Matrox Equinox and Onyx products in that country.

Chinese healthcare facilities can now equip their operating rooms with displays enabling OR staff to access PACS images and other patient data, without adding additional cable clutter, noise and heat related to placing a PC in the same room. Each Matrox Equinox graphics extension unit drives two independent monitors (up to 4MP each), using fibre-optic cable to place these up to 250m (820') away from the PC. Remote display control is possible from the PC location using an additional set of displays powered by the Matrox Onyx display controller board, or at the remote display location, using a variety of tools connected to the Equinox unit via USB 2.0 (e.g. keyboard, mouse). Improved monitoring of surgical procedures can also be done in a control room or educational theatre by replicating display information in these areas.

"China represents an important market for Matrox and we are dedicated to providing Chinese healthcare facilities with access to our products," says George Rigas, business development manager for medical imaging, Matrox Graphics Inc. "We are excited to work with Amara to supply Matrox Equinox and Onyx solutions fulfilling operating room design requirements in China."

"Amara is pleased to work with Matrox to supply Equinox and Onyx solutions in China," says Jessy Yong, Sales Manager for Key Accounts, Amara International Ltd. "The ability to display and interact with medical images and patient data in the operating room with the PC in a remote location, and to replicate this display data in another location for educational or monitoring purposes, provides interesting options to system integrators and OEMs working in Chinese healthcare facilities."

About Amara Ltd.

Amara International Ltd., is a niche IT equipment and solutions provider who delivers leading solutions across various computing, IT and telecom platforms. Amara's solutions and services cater to customers in niche segments such as the finance sector, specialized system integrator, IT manufacturer, etc. Amara's value propositions lie not only in its ability to deliver the products and solutions, but also in its commitment for on-going service and technical support. Amara is strategically located in South China (headquartered in Hong Kong), which provides convenient access to one of the largest and most dynamic markets in the world.

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