Image Smiths validates VeriLUM display calibration software for Matrox MED Series display controller boards and Windows Vista

VeriLUM calibration software combined with Matrox MED Series offers pristine, calibrated images to medical imaging professionals

Montreal, Canada, May 29, 2007 —MMatrox Graphics Inc., the leading manufacturer of professional graphics solutions, today announced that Image Smiths, Inc. has validated Matrox MED™ Series display controller boards with its VeriLUM® v. 5.2 display calibration software for the Windows Vista™ platform. This validation ensures that medical imaging professionals can view the highest quality images on their medical-grade displays. By combining our pristine image quality with VeriLUM's display performance tracking and gamma correction tool, they can control the overall brightness of an image in conformance with the DICOM Part 14 standard.

"We are pleased to provide medical imaging professionals with yet another option for display calibration solutions," says Neil Goldstein, president/CEO, Image Smiths, Inc. "The validation confirms compatibility of the Matrox and VeriLUM products, and allows them to migrate to the Windows Vista operating system platform."

VeriLUM software can be installed on multiple workstations with no additional licenses required, and can be transferred from one workstation to another to perform calibration measurements. Matrox MED Series display controller boards, including the Matrox MED2mp, Matrox MED3mp, Matrox MED4mp, and Matrox MED5mp, support landscape and portrait modes. Bringing advanced functionality and flexibility to the medical imaging market, Matrox MED Series also offers extensive multi-monitor support, pristine image quality, and robust drivers.

Matrox MED Series display controller boards, including the Matrox MED2mp, Matrox MED3mp, Matrox MED4mp and Matrox MED5mp, supports landscape and portrait modes, and brings advanced functionality and flexibility to the medical imaging market with extensive multi-monitor support, pristine image quality, and robust drivers. In addition, Matrox RAD Series AGP, PCI and PCI Express display controller boards expand the medical imaging product line with dual output support of up to three MP digital displays. Both Matrox MED and Matrox RAD Series boards are equipped with Hardware Pivot for smooth and accelerated portrait image displays, and are capable of driving various combinations of grayscale and color displays in stretched or independent modes.

"DICOM calibration is an important standard for regulating medical imaging displays, and ensuring the maximum number of shades of gray can be viewed," says George Rigas, business development manager, medical imaging, Matrox Graphics, Inc. "Our partnership with Image Smiths ensures that VeriLUM and Matrox MED Series has been validated to offer medical imaging professionals a clear migration path to Windows Vista."

About Image Smiths

Image Smiths, Inc. is a privately held company located in Kensington, Maryland. It introduced its video display calibration tool, VeriLUM®, in 1998. Since then, it has continued to upgrade the VeriLUM® software in line with technology advances in the industry. From its beginnings as a tool for grayscale CRTs only, it has grown to support LCDs and CRTs, color and grayscale. From supporting single workstations only, it now supports multiple workstations in various configurations. More information on the products and services that Image Smiths, Inc. provides can be found at its website

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