Matrox Epica to revolutionize thin computing with multi-display

Montreal, Canada, March 8, 2006 —Matrox Graphics, the leading manufacturer of graphics solutions for professionals, announces Matrox Epica. Epica features a host of innovative and practical multi-display benefits set to increase productivity for financial, insurance and enterprise professionals in thin computing environments.

There is increasingly widespread implementation of thin computing architecture to efficiently manage technology costs, increase security and centralize data storage. Matrox will address the need for more screen real estate in this infrastructure with Epica, a complete hardware and software multi-display solution.

"Matrox is pleased to bring its focused multi-display leadership and expertise to another specific environment where financial, insurance and enterprise professionals can benefit from this technology," says Mohamed Jivraj, Product Manager, Matrox Graphics. "Offering the Epica software in combination with the Epica series of graphics cards provides the total productivity-enhancing solution."

Matrox Epica hardware will address thin client multi-display needs with fanless, dual and quad PCI, low-profile, and low-power consuming products. In addition, the traditional core-benefits of Matrox products including long product life cycles, reliability and stability, flexibility and industry-leading 2D image quality lend themselves perfectly to this technology.

Matrox Epica software will reside on the server and will be compatible with leading remote connection technologies. This revolutionary software will bring desktop management and multi-monitor awareness to thin computing environments. Monitor-awareness allows a large resolution on the client to be divided as the user desires.


Matrox Epica will be available in Q2 2006. For more information, or to obtain The Matrox Multi-Display Thin Computing White Paper, please visit our contact us page.

For more information about Matrox Graphics Inc., contact

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