Matrox Epica drivers and software for HP t5725 (Linux) thin client

The packages below are required to be installed on the HP t5725 thin client with Epica TC4 or Epica TC2.

EpicaTC4 & EpicaTC2 1.4.5*
rdesktop and Linux ICA plug-in **

* This driver requires that the t5725 be upgraded to the ki-2 image. For more information on how to obtain the ki-2 image please contact your HP representative.

The Matrox 1.4.5 Linux driver for HP t5725 thin clients provides an enhanced graphical user interface (GUI) application that facilitates multi-display configuration and resolution setting.

** This plug-in allows EpicA software to work with rdesktop version 1.4.1 and Citrix ICA Client for Linux version 9.x and 10.