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Matrox Maevex 6020遠程錄像機

Panopto專用高性能Maevex 6020遠程錄像機令全球使用最方便的視訊平臺如虎添翼

Matrox Maevex 6020 Remote Recorder appliance

Matrox® Maevex 6020遠程錄像機是一臺Panopto™專用多通道編碼器/錄像機,專為Panopto的業界領先的視訊管理系統(VMS)設計並與其完全集成。Maevex 6020遠程錄像機利用屢獲嘉獎的Maevex 6100系列多路流媒體推送和錄像技術,為企業和大學提供業內一流的直播推流和錄制功能,增強Panopto VMS解決方案。

Maevex 6020 Configuration and Firmware Utility

The Maevex 6020 Configuration and Firmware Utility is an intuitive software used to configure the Maevex 6020 remote recorders with ease to simplify their connection and operation with the Panopto Cloud enterprise video management system (VMS). This is enabled with a guided, easy 1-2-3 step procedure: 1) Locate all the Maevex 6020 devices automatically or manually, 2) Use your Panopto account information and credentials to configure the units, and 3) Update the settings.

Maevex 6020 Configuration and Firmware UtilityMaevex 6020 Configuration and Firmware Utility

Once the Maevex 6020 devices are configured, and a connection is created to the Panopto Cloud VMS, communication between the two happens automatically.

Since the Maevex 6020 device is now fully and seamlessly integrated with the Panopto platform, users can find and manage the Maevex 6020 devices as remote recorders from within the Panopto application. This gives new customers complete Panopto control over the Maevex 6020 remote recorders, while existing Panopto customers get to continue using the familiar control and management features they know and love. Stream and record operations are securely controlled by the Panopto Cloud VMS and can be scheduled ahead of time with the full capabilities of the Panopto software scheduler. The Panopto Cloud VMS also enables users to carry out advanced inside-video searches such as voice search, analytics, and more.

Maevex 6020 Configuration and Firmware Utility
Maevex 6020 Configuration and Firmware Utility

The Maevex 6020 Configuration and Firmware Utility can also be used to:

  • Update all the devices remotely and simultaneously, if and when the Maevex 6020 firmware needs to be updated, without requiring physical interaction with the units (silently), and synchronize the date and time across the devices at the same time—conveniently with one action.

  • Monitor the status of all the Maevex 6020 devices from a central location.

  • Apply advanced settings to make some tasks simpler for example, identify a proxy server if necessary, lock the recording button on the unit, format the SSD and clear the storage memory, and assign Static IP addresses for locating the devices.