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Matrox Maevex 6020遠程錄像機

Panopto專用高性能Maevex 6020遠程錄像機令全球使用最方便的視訊平臺如虎添翼

Maevex 6120 dual 4K enterprise encoder appliance

Matrox® Maevex 6020遠程錄像機是一臺Panopto™專用多通道編碼器/錄像機,專為Panopto的業界領先的視訊管理系統(VMS)設計並與其完全集成。Maevex 6020遠程錄像機利用屢獲嘉獎的Maevex 6100系列多路流媒體推送和錄像技術,為企業和大學提供業內一流的直播推流和錄制功能,增強Panopto VMS解決方案。

Many markets. Endless possibilities.

Matrox Maevex 6020 Remote Recorder is a perfect fit for many applications. Have a specific idea in mind? Contact our sales team and work together to build a solution.

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