Combine Avio KVM Extenders with a Fiber-Optic Network Switch to Route Centralized Workstations to Remote Workspaces

Avio’s High-Bandwidth Transmission Enables High-Density, Dual-Display KVM and USB Matrix Switching & Extension

Easy, remote access to secured systems is key to success in countless sectors. Facilitating the centralization of workstations, IT maintenance, and greater productivity in general, Matrox Avio™ KVM extenders are just as essential. Combined with a fiber-optic network switch, Avio delivers unparalleled flexibility and manageability over remote system access. Superior switch-to-system density and cost-effectiveness compared to competitive solutions make for a breakthrough KVM extension & switching solution overall.

The Avio Advantage

Zero-Compression, Zero-Latency KVM Extender
Designed with 10Gbps SFP+ transceivers, Avio guarantees uncompromised dual-display workstation performance at the remote location, ensuring what is sent ends up being received without any dropped frames, color degradation, or peripheral latency. It also sets a new standard by extending an entire dual-DVI desktop (two 1920x1200 displays), along with USB keyboard and mouse, USB 2.0 device, and stereo analog audio signals—all uncompressed—over one duplex LC-LC fiber-optic cable. Reduced deployment costs result, which is increasingly important when looking at longer supported extension distances of up to a maximum of 10 km.

High-Bandwidth extension and switching
When multiple workstations are extended with Avio and routed through a compatible network switch, the benefits are multiplied. Take an APCON IntellaPatch® Series 3000 XE network monitoring aggregation switch, for instance, which features up to 144 ports. Combined with Avio KVM extenders, it forms a 10Gbps matrix switching solution. Working at a remote desktop connected to the switch, a single user can switch between 143 different workstations.
Avio KVM extenders are compatible with select APCON network switches, 
resulting in the world's highest-bandwidth KVM extension and switching solution.

The extension and switching combination can also be used to form a matrix switch of up to 72 centralized workstations and 72 remote user stations. Because of Avio’s high-bandwidth-transmission capabilities, just one input & one output port are required to extend a system. While other solutions require more cables and more ports to route the same number of dual-display workstations, the superior switch-to-system density achieved with Avio technology lets you route more systems through a same-sized switch or choose a smaller, less expensive one altogether.

Extensive Versatility

From creative to military markets
Enabling smooth, remote performance, Avio is the ideal solution for post-production or sound studios where there is a need to back rack and centralize systems in one location. An editor can work on one system to make the latest edits to a movie or audio track and then switch to another system to work on effects or touch up images. Employees gain the flexibility to access any of the firm’s creative assets from multiple locations.

In an industrial environment, meanwhile, two different teams can also monitor the same information at different times. For example, alternating shifts of employees, who work in different sections of a building, can share the same systems stored securely in the company server room.

  Combined with a fiber-optic network switch, Avio KVM extenders let users access different workstation
 at different locations or the same system at different times.  

Other examples of markets in which a switch may be used with Avio include oil & gas for 3D visualization purposes, where data can be created and analyzed at one location and the final simulation viewed in a separate boardroom.

In mission-critical environments, such as military command and control centers, a KVM switching and extension setup lets users quickly switch to a back-up system when there is a failure, which reduces down time and allows for fast response times.

Switch to Avio

As a KVM extender, Avio separates the computer from the user environment. However, its uncompressed fiber-optic transmission via a single cable separates it from the pack, giving firms in turn a competitive edge. Combining Avio and the right switch meanwhile grants users cost-effective remote access to multiple workstations from different locations. Overall efficiency is optimized to an even greater extent, making a switch to Avio all the more worthwhile.

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High-Bandwidth KVM Extension and Switching Solution