Boost Your Digital Mammography

Xenia for PACS MedicalThe new zoom and clone functionality make Xenia Series an ideal solution for collaborative installationsAs a radiologist, your livelihood, not to mention that of your patients, is often related to how quickly and accurately you are able to review high resolution medical images. Your choice of tools is critical, from your mammography software package to your displays and display controller board. Xenia Series delivers the leading-edge features and performance you demand in a display controller board, with the simple installation, stable drivers and flexible configuration options you've come to expect from Matrox.

In any workstation, the display controller board is responsible for delivering what you see on screen. High resolution mammography images can be slow to load, so the board's performance is vital. "The handling of 10 bit radiographic images is obviously a key feature of Matrox products, in addition to powerful graphic processing capabilities," says Dr. Frédéric Banegas, PhD, chief technical officer, Intrasense SAS.

Matrox Xenia Series also offers additional performance gains in the form of on-board image processing support. Aspyra Product Manager, Bill Culton exclaims, "We are using the large onboard memory to very quickly scroll through large stacks of images. Tracking functions like real-time window level adjustments, magnification, and panning are performed immediately. I mean, without the draw delays you typically see on large high resolution monitors used for mammography."

Down-time is not an option, and a simple board installation with stable, reliable drivers is always appreciated. Xenia Series is designed to support up to three high resolution digital displays from one board, avoiding driver conflicts that can occur between multiple boards in a system. Add two Xenia boards in a single computer with a single driver, and up to 6 displays can be configured for a high-end mammography visualization system.

Quest Vice-President, Bill Greenblatt notes, "Installation of video cards tends to be our number one source of tech support calls. Xenia is amazing—intuitively it knows just what to do. I do not recall even one call for help installing this card." Stan Swiderski, NEC Display Solutions Business Development Manager agrees, "The unique 3 digital output design makes configuration very easy for our customers."

Since display brands and configurations differ from one station to the next, Xenia Series is designed to be flexible. "We are currently selling Totoku, Olorin and Barco monitors and all the monitors can be used together with the Matrox Xenia board. Because Xenia Pro covers all monitor resolutions we only need one board for all the display solutions", says Martin Jensen, sales executive with Fineman A/S.

Combining Xenia Series DLC™ technology with display calibration software from Qubyx also provides the ability to bring displays to well within luminance uniformity standards, in under 2 minutes.

You need the best quality tools to help you make accurate diagnoses in a limited time. Steven Stevens, Avnet Country Manager, suggests, "The ease of use and ease of installation are highly appreciated. Partners who do a thorough Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) calculation will certainly go the Xenia way." Jim Lindsay, Technical Product Manager at Ampronix concurs, "We've sold many of these display controller boards, and have several institutions that are evaluating them. The feedback has been exceedingly positive across the board."

Matrox Xenia Series was designed from the ground up, not as a commercial off-the-shelf product, but a necessary radiology solution to meet or exceed the requirements of medical imaging professionals. We invite you to visit our partners and decide for yourself.