Matrox Medical Perspectives with VISUS GmbH

Jens Martin, Product Manager for JiveX PACS and mammography solutions at VISUS GmbH, shares his thoughts on displays and display controller boards for the medical imaging market

Welcome to Perspectives, a dialog with medical imaging industry partners sharing their experiences and solutions with George Rigas, Business Development Manager for medical imaging, Matrox Graphics Inc.

In this issue, we have the pleasure to speak with Jens Martin, Product Manager with VISUS GmbH. As a technology company, evolved from the University of Witten/Herdecke in 2000, VISUS has developed comprehensive know-how in the field of DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine). Incorporating this fundamental knowledge, their JiveX product line is developed at its company headquarters in Bochum, Germany. The JiveX product family is marketed internationally and is one of the leading systems with qualified customer service, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

George Rigas (Matrox Graphics): VISUS GmbH has provided Matrox solutions such as MED Series in the past. What compels you to choose the new Matrox Xenia Series?

Jens Martin (VISUS): The demands of modern mammography diagnostics. We want to deliver a software design with our JiveX Mammography workstation that supports fastest image reading. This requires adequate support from the system's hardware, the graphics adapter in particular.

GR: Which Matrox Xenia Series feature interests VISUS most?

JM: Matrox Xenia boards support three displays which makes them an ideal choice for medical workstations. Secondly, we like the new advanced clone functionality, previously available only with Matrox TheatreVUE, which enables us to build systems that allow us to connect both high resolution diagnostic displays and video projection of the screen content. Not to forget the reliability we experienced with many Matrox graphics board products over the past years.

GR: How do you explain the simplicity of Xenia and its benefits to your clients?

JM: Three displays – one graphics board. And finally an answer to the question of many users to build a solution that can clone high resolution displays to lower resolution video projectors, thanks to Xenia Series' new TheatreVue functionality.

GR: How many different configurations does Matrox Xenia solve for you?

JM: I think almost any; starting from standard two display setups for diagnostic image reading up to advanced solutions with 4 or more displays connected, using two Xenia boards in one workstation.

GR: What is the typical display set-up for VISUS clients?

JM: As stated above, we only need one Xenia board for three displays, which is the typical display set-up. Looking into the future, we also see setups that run a 4MP display as a "central" screen, with a control display to one site and a 2MP portrait display as an extension to the other site. And these kinds of setups are also supported by the Xenia.

GR: Your software is Java-based. Despite this, Matrox Xenia Series appears to be faster than MED Series or anything else you have seen to date. Where do you see it maximizing your efforts?

JM: The Matrox driver architecture supports rendering output of Java programs very well already. This saves us time that we usually spend on optimizing the rendering for other graphics board vendors.

GR: Is there something that Matrox Xenia does not address for you?

JM: Currently, no. New challenges might evolve from future developments in JiveX that require 3D support in the graphics board. In 2010, VISUS is focusing on 3D development in JiveX products.

GR: Thank you Jens for sharing your thoughts about the PACS market and your experiences.

JM: You are welcome. It is always a pleasure working together with you.

About VISUS GmbH

VISUS – Enterprise PACS Solutions
PACS and beyond: Comprehensive Image Management in Medicine

VISUS is a leading supplier of image management solutions for hospitals and practices. The range of application of the product family JiveX varies from PACS department solutions for miscellaneous medical disciplines to inter-divisional Enterprise PACS with teleradiology to the intricate cross-site network solution with data processing service center operations.

JiveX allows realizing such holistic solutions without neglecting the special requirements of single specialty departments. The concept consists in supplying all important applications with a universal platform based on modern web technology at each work station in the house. This platform carries out the whole logistics from image acquisition to image and finding distribution with digital finding as well as radiogram finding and image archiving.

For more information, visit VISUS.

About Matrox Medical Imaging Solutions

Matrox display controller boards for medical imaging offer a wide range of display output options, resolution capabilities, and features to suit the demanding needs of medical imaging professionals. Matrox Xenia is the first native PCI Express board with all-digital triple-monitor support in a single-slot and the built-in flexibility to drive practically any known medical or non-medical display configuration.

Designed for use with a broad range of 8- or 10-bit grayscale and/or color displays in a variety of configurations, Matrox Xenia Pro includes 1,024 MB of on-board RAM, supporting growing image volume requirements and display resolutions from less than 1MP to as high as 8MP. With new technology to ensure optimum calibration (including Matrox DLC™ and 8/10/13-bit gamma tables), plus additional development potential for increasing hardware-accelerated performance via hardware LUTs and multiple hardware window IDs, Xenia is an expandable solution and a solid investment for medical imaging facilities.

For more information, visit Matrox Xenia display controller boards or contact Matrox Graphics directly.

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