The Central Emergency 112 de Cantabria Chooses Matrox Extio Remote Graphics Solutions for Control Room Center

Montreal, Canada, August 5, 2009/PRNewswire/ – Matrox Graphics, the leading manufacturer of specialized graphics solutions, today announced that the new Central Emergency 112 de Cantabria has selected Matrox Extio Remote Graphics Units (RGU) to distance the computers—as well as noise and heat—from their control room operations. The fanless RGU permits a quiet and secure environment for Central Emergency 112 by separating the host computer from the monitors and other user peripherals—including keyboard, mouse and audio devices—by up to 250m (820 ft) of fiber-optic cable.

Located in Northern Spain, the 24/7/365 emergency response operation required a new technology that would eliminate noise in the control room to improve the day-to-day environment of the Cantabria 112 operators. After careful review, Algorithms, Designs and Processes (ADP), Central 112’s system integrator, identified the Extio F1220 and F1400 RGUs for their unique extension technology as it allowed ADP to implement these solutions without having to modify the existing building architecture, while ensuring exceptional image quality on the operator stations. The Extio RGUs are capable of driving up to four monitors at resolutions of up to 1920x1200 per display.

"The Matrox Extio fiber-optic extension technology was by far the best choice for Central 112 de Cantabria," states Juan Hernández Álvarez, Regional Manager for Andalucia and APD, Algorithms, Designs and Processes. "It was exactly the solution we were looking for—capable of distancing the PC equipment from the operator console, running completely silently, and not generating heat."

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