ADFLOW Networks and Matrox Graphics provide unique technology solution for OfficeMax looking to captivate customers' in-store

Strategic partnership continues to bring leading digital signage technology to 25th largest U.S. retailer

Montreal, Canada, February 13, 2007 — With over 60 existing OfficeMax locations incorporating digital signage into their store environments and many additional stores scheduled through 2007- 2008, strategic business partners ADFLOW Networks and Matrox Graphics continue to successfully provide their proven, innovative technology solution, enabling OfficeMax to reach their business objectives; to captivate, inform and entertain customers in-store.

ADFLOW Dynamic Messaging System™ and the Matrox Millennium P650 multi-display graphics card combine to provide a unique technology solution that is designed specifically to incorporate OfficeMax's vision – to create a customer-orientated environment that provides exceptional customer service, in addition to entertaining customers while they wait. OfficeMax took full advantage of this digital signage initiative by using LCD screens to inform and educate shoppers, enhance the OfficeMax brand, promote selected merchandise and deliver featured price promotions within their print and document services area. "This vision required content to span 2 screens and switch to 2 individual content feeds. The Matrox Millennium P650 graphics card along with ADFLOW's DMS™ Media Player Software accommodated this requirement with ease. ADFLOW Networks and Matrox Graphics will continue to provide this innovative solution to the OfficeMax Network going forward," says David Roscoe, President of ADFLOW Networks.

OfficeMax Advantage and mid-size stores will continue to incorporate in-store media into their store environments. Each store will feature two 40-inch state-of-the-art LCD panels, designed and mounted to aesthetically fit within a newly-designed menu board located in the high-traffic printing service area. In order to realize OfficeMax's vision of dual screens that play continuous content, yet also play their own feeds, ADFLOW Networks and Matrox Graphics provided a unique solution. Using ADFLOW's DMS technology, content is centrally controlled and managed providing OfficeMax the ability to update content as frequently as required, via the Internet. Inserted into the ADFLOW Media Player and powering the graphics of the two screens is the Matrox Millennium P650 multi-display card which provides the flexibility to stretch content across both screens or to broadcast independent content per screen.

"The Matrox Millennium P650 graphics card's ultra slim, low-profile design coupled with its targeted digital signage feature set made it the ideal choice to complement the ADFLOW Media Player," says Ron Berty, Matrox Business Development Manager for Digital Signage. Working with the flexibility of the ADFLOW DMS and Matrox Millennium P650, OfficeMax delivers continuous scheduled brand and promotional content, targeted to specific shopper demographics. OfficeMax also broadcasts a live CNN satellite feed, using unique directional sound technology, to inform and entertain customers, without disrupting their shopping.

Compelling and targeted content, delivered by ADFLOW Digital Signage Network and Matrox Graphics, onto head-turning, high-resolution displays, are helping OfficeMax to accomplish their objectives of engaging and entertaining in-store customers and enhancing the OfficeMax brand.

About ADFLOW Networks

ADFLOW Networks is revolutionizing the retailer-brand-customer relationship by creating influential experiences that drive sales and profits by delivering targeted messages where they matter most: at the point-of-purchase. A complete in-store media solution, ADFLOW provides display technology, content strategy, creation and programming, web- based content management tools, scalable infrastructure, active monitoring and on-site service, all delivered as a low cost, low risk solution. ADFLOW Networks - Simplifying Digital Signage.

For more information about Matrox Graphics Inc., contact graphics@matrox.com.

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