New Matrox TripleHead2Go
External laptop upgrade triples productivity

Montreal, Canada, March 2nd, 2006—Matrox Graphics, Inc., the leading manufacturer of graphics solutions for professionals, today unveiled the new TripleHead2Go, a palm-sized box which allows users to add three monitors with a combined resolution of 3840x1024 directly to a laptop, port replicator or docking station set-up. The external TripleHead2Go box harnesses the total screen capability of the integrated chipset, to potentially expand the workspace up to 5 MP (including laptop screen real-estate), delivering pristine image quality with triple the amount of workspace and triple the amount of productivity.

"TripleHead2Go allows financial, enterprise and insurance professionals, who are increasingly mobile, the ability to upgrade their laptop to a multi-display configuration," says Alan Vandenbussche, Vice-President of Sales & Marketing, Matrox Graphics Inc. "By doing this, they can enjoy the best of both worlds; a portable system and the ability to work in a TripleHead™ computing environment."

With TripleHead2Go and DualHead2Go, Matrox has introduced an innovative new category of patent-pending multi-display hardware products called Graphics eXpansion Modules (GXMs). GXMs are not graphics accelerators; rather they are external boxes that connect to a laptop using a standard analog VGA monitor cable. The system's existing graphics chip is used for rendering of 2D applications and the GXM works to add multi-monitor support to this.

With the ability to run multiple business applications simultaneously, TripleHead2Go provides tremendous flexibility and productivity benefits. The increased desktop real estate allows financial, enterprise and insurance professionals to access key information instantly. As a result, the work process is streamlined and management of multiple documents is simplified as users can operate applications with efficiency and ease through their expanded workspace.

Capitalizing on Matrox's long-standing multi-display leadership, TripleHead2Go is bundled with Matrox PowerDesk SE: a suite of powerful window management software offering users a wide range of utilities for optimal management of window positioning and message pop-ups.

System Compatibility

TripleHead2Go includes support for Microsoft® Windows® 2000 and Windows® XP, and is compatible with laptops equipped with certain NVIDIA® and ATI® enabled graphics chipsets. Please visit the Matrox website at www.matrox.com/graphics/en/products/gxm/th2go/ for more details on supported resolutions.

Pricing and Availability

Available in April 2006, TripleHead2Go has a suggested retail price of $299USD. This product will be available from authorized resellers worldwide. In North America and Europe, TripleHead2Go can also be purchased directly from Matrox at http://shopmatrox.com. For more information, please contact Matrox sales at 1-800-361-1408 (North America) or e-mail insales@matrox.com.

For more information about Matrox Graphics Inc., contact graphics@matrox.com.

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