Several Application Areas

High-Density Encoding/Decoding

OEMs can target high-density applications of encoding/decoding including: resolution, quality, and number of streams for any vertical application.

Video Wall Distribution (Extend/Record/Share)

Video wall outputs can be encoded into time-stamped H.264 streams sent over IP to be viewed/recorded at any end point. For complete video wall replication, multiple encoder platforms can be used to stream entire display walls to multiple decode units (all screens synchronized).

Multi-Channel Video & Digital Signage Distribution

Encode and stream any content media including digital signage player PCs over the network. Standard H264 streams can be decoded by standard digital signage players as streaming content being displayed within the digital signage environment (example: sports/news)

Recording (PC, Camera, and Other Media)

Most control rooms, emergency call-centers, medical operating rooms, military installations and critical applications require records of critical real-time desktop and video. The Endea platform can record any content type at full quality and in very low bit rates.

Communication & Collaboration

Acquire and distribute a variety of AV and desktop sources simultaneously by streaming to/from Endea platforms for telepresence, security and/or collaboration in industrial, government, enterprise, and education applications.