Matrox C-Series™ Videos

Control Room Collaboration over IP at ISE 2019

Video length: 2min 38s.

Watch Matrox's Rob Moodey discuss adopting open standards and exploiting existing network technology results in an ecosystem of easily interlinked standalone systems.

Collaborative Control Room Ecosystem over IP

Video length: 4min 21s.

Learn how Matrox technologies can be used together to build a complete control room ecosystem capable of capturing and sharing IP, physical, and PC content between operators, between operators and a video wall, and between local and remote display walls.

Matrox C-Series™ - Multi-Display Graphics Cards

Matrox C-Series multi-display video cards, featuring four, six, and nine-output models, allow you to drive multiple displays or projectors from a single graphics board. Designed and built to ensure excellent reliability, stability and ease of deployment, C-Series PCI Express® x16 boards are ideal for demanding commercial and critical systems. They deliver advanced multi-monitor capabilities and outstanding performance for a wide range of applications including enterprise, industrial, pro A/V, digital signage, security, control rooms and more.

Video length: 2min 7s.

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Matrox C900: World’s First 9-Output Full HD Graphics Card

Power your display wall with the new Matrox C900, the world’s first graphics card capable of powering nine Full HD displays. A PCI Express® x16 board, the C900 is engineered as a plug-and-play solution for 3x3 or 9x1 video walls. Ideal for use in digital signage, informational displays, and control room environments, the single-slot card with low-power consumption makes building video walls easy.

Video length: 1min 48s.

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MPEG-4 - 135.6 MB

EDID Management with Matrox C-Series Multi-Display Graphics Cards

Take advantage of EDID Management in Matrox PowerDesk software, when powering multi-display installations with C-Series. EDID reports monitors’ capabilities, including its available resolutions, refresh rates, and display timings. When there is a missing EDID or bad signal communication due to a disconnected display, the feature saves the monitor’s EDID, keeping your configuration intact. You can alternatively force an EDID on a graphics card output, with benefits in a wide variety of usage scenarios.

Video length: 1min 49s.

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MPEG-4 - 102.7 MB

Matrox Video Walls Are Everywhere

Matrox’s award-winning product portfolio has helped power world-class video wall installations in every major global market, and in every scenario imaginable. Discover what customers are saying about our innovative hardware and software technologies, and why they have become the popular choice for OEMs and systems integrators looking to incorporate all of today’s must-have video wall features.

Video length: 3min 25s.

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MPEG-4 - 81.2 MB

New Matrox C900 Nine-Output Graphics Card for 3x3 Video Walls

Caroline Injoyan, business development manager at Matrox Graphics, presents Matrox C900, the first synchronized, single-slot, nine-output graphics card. This low-cost, low-power-consumption card offers a stunning solution for control room and digital signage use. Operating in stretched desktop mode, C900 can power a 3x3 array of 1920x1200 displays, effectively creating a 6K canvas.

Video length: 56s.

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MPEG-4 (19.3 MB)

DailyDOOH Interviews Rob Moodey to Discuss Matrox, ISE & More

In conversation with DailyDOOH's editor-in-chief, Adrian Cotterill, Rob Moodey from Matrox discusses the newest Matrox product offering, the C900 nine-output card, as well as the importance of ISE and international markets to Matrox.

Video length: 5min 56s.

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MPEG-4 (138 MB)

InfoComm 2015: Matrox C-Series Cards for Digital Signage, Control Rooms, and More

Matrox’s Caroline Injoyan presents Matrox C-Series multi-display graphics cards at InfoComm 2015. At the show, the Matrox C680 single-slot, six-output board, capable of driving up to six UHD/4K displays, powers an eye-catching 3x2 video wall for digital signage. C-Series also showcases its versatility for system integrators, with validation for a variety of digital signage software options—including a recent Scala certification with C680—as well as for a number of turnkey video wall and media player systems designed for digital signage, control rooms, industrial & government applications, and more.

Video length: 1min 13s.

NEC Showcase 2015: Matrox Reveals Diverse Offerings for All Things AV

At NEC Showcase Rob Moodey discusses the scope of Matrox Graphics technology used in a trade event—capturing, encoding, scaling, compositing, extending, streaming, recording, decoding, displaying, and controlling content in a variety of AV and desktop settings.

Today’s ‘state of the art’ is linked to the future for Matrox by managing evolution of higher resolution images such as UHD and the transition to an IP based future.

Video length: 2min 37s.

DSE 2015: Matrox C-Series Graphics Cards for Digital Signage

Matrox’s Caroline Injoyan presents Matrox C-Series multi-display graphics cards to rAVe Publications at Digital Signage Expo (DSE) 2015. The Matrox C420 low-profile, quad-output card features passive cooling for extra reliability and silent operation which are critical for small-form-factor systems and digital signage player PCs. The Matrox C680 single-slot, six-output board drives up to six UHD/4K displays and is ideal for higher resolution and higher display density installations and video walls. The bundled PowerDesk desktop management software meanwhile, simplifies multi-display setup while offering advanced features such as EDID management, bezel management, edge overlap, and pivot mode.

Video length: 1min 31s.

CES 2015: Mitsubishi Electric Drives Show-Stopping Signage with Matrox C680

Mitsubishi Electric US delivers a 6x1 video wall show stopper at CES 2015…16 feet off the ground! Featuring their 55” LM55S1(W) LCD Monitors with Super Narrow Bezel, Mitsubishi leverages the Matrox C680 multi-display graphics card to drive animated digital signage content—inspired by the Mitsubishi automotive group’s new dashboard interface—across six pivoted and suspended, Full HD 1920x1080 displays. Keep an eye out for Mitsubishi’s attention-grabbing video wall at upcoming shows and events.

Video length: 36s.

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DSE 2015: Get a Sneak Peek at Matrox’s Digital Signage Solutions
(Booth# 1645)

Visit Matrox Graphics booth# 1645 at DSE 2015 to see live demonstrations of a wide range of solutions for digital signage. The award-winning Matrox C-Series multi-display video cards will drive signage across a portrait 3x1 configuration using Net Display Systems’ PADS4 software; Maevex H.264 encoders will stream live video content over IP for display within Scala digital signage; and Mura MPX video wall processor cards will capture and display content from a variety of sources across a video wall managed with VuWall2 DS software. System integrators, consultants and enthusiasts alike are invited to come by to see how they can integrate these solutions in their next digital signage project.

Video length: 58s.

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MPEG-4 – 53.1 MB

ISE 2015: Matrox C-Series Graphics Cards Featured on InAVate TV

Matrox showcases C-Series graphics cards for the first time at ISE 2015, the world’s biggest AV Show. The C420 low-profile, fanless, quad-output card and C680 single-slot, six-output board deliver smooth video and graphics performance, outstanding reliability, and ease of deployment—critical features for A/V system integrators. Combined with Matrox-renowned stability, usability, and PowerDesk™ desktop management software, Matrox C-Series’ unique feature set are ideal for a wide range of commercial and critical applications including digital signage, control room, security, process control and more.

Video length: 4min 27s.

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MPEG-4 – 85 MB

ISE 2015: Matrox C-Series Video Cards Presented for rAVe Publications

Matrox’s Rob Moodey presents the C420 low-profile, fanless, quad-output card and the C680 single-slot, six-output board for AV/IT departments deploying multi-display workstations and video walls. Engineered for high quality graphics and smooth video performance, stability/reliability, and ease of deployment, Matrox C-Series cards along with the bundled Matrox PowerDesk™ desktop management software deliver advanced multi-monitor capabilities and outstanding performance for digital signage, control rooms and more.

Video length: 5min 08s.

Matrox PowerDesk Desktop Management Software for C-Series

Easily manage your multi-display desktop with Matrox PowerDesk. Matrox display drivers include PowerDesk desktop management software that allows you to change display settings specific to your Matrox graphics hardware. PowerDesk empowers you to manage and customize your multi-display setup for the ultimate computing experience.

Video length: 1min 28s.

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