Technical performance suitable to our needs:
Fuji chooses Eizo and Matrox for its radiology workstations


We have chosen the Fuji ViewPix workstation because it meets all the requirements for digital radiology. Fuji ViewPix is equipped with two Eizo 3 MP medical displays, a resolution that is well adapted to image interpretation, especially pulmonary images that require a resolution of 3 MP.

Images are taken by radiology technicians in the Intensive Care Unit and are then interpreted on a diagnostic workstation on the main level of the hospital, using two Eizo 3 MP medical displays.

The report is recorded by Dictaphone and is then entered in the Radiology Information System (RIS). Staff in the Intensive Care Unit on the 8th floor can then consult the images on their workstation and report on the RIS system. The images taken in the Intensive Care Unit are saved in a reduced format at the end of the patient's stay.

The terminal in the ICU consists of two Eizo L985 EX 2 MP standard displays mounted on the wall, and is very suitable for the hospital. The monitors reproduce the displayed images of the diagnostic station. The screens are calibrated to maintain an identical contrast level and avoid the inopportune manipulation of the setup buttons on the screen to prevent distortion of the diagnosis. Professor Montagne feels that is imperative to remain on top of the technology; and the service employees adjusted to this new system immediately.

Workstation specifications

  • Multi-modality ViewPix workstation from Fuji
  • Dual Eizo L985 EX, 2 MP color displays, wall mounted
  • Dual RadiForce G31 displays
  • Matrox TheaterVUE display controller boards driving images in Clone Mode

In conclusion, Professor Montagne said, the Fuji-Eizo-Matrox solution is an answer to our diagnostic and communication constraints. It allowed for a better work environment while respecting our budget.


Professor Montagne says, we are not looking for the technology inflation but we are following this discipline's technical evolution in order to benefit from the productivity gains and the work comfort that it offers. It is safe to say that French medicine is far from the digital revolution and its practical applications. The Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) that is, the archiving of images and their accessibility within the hospital network, is rarely applied in France but supported by our neighbors. If we take United Kingdom, for example, a country that is very vigilant in its health expenses, they decided to equip 160 healthcare establishments with digital radiology and PACS stations. This example of our colleagues is the best proof of the financial profitability and medical performance of this equipment. It's time for the French establishments to be also equipped!

Establishment specifications

Armand Trousseau Childrens' hospital
26, avenue du Docteur Netter
75012 Paris
300 beds, 55000 radiology exams/year

Breakdown of the Radiology group:

  • Chief Radiologist: Professor Montagne
  • One assistant professor
  • Two clinic chiefs
  • One full time PH
  • One part time PH
feeder eng

Digital medical imaging equipment - the choice of Professor Montagne, Chief Radiologist at Trousseau Hospital

The Armand Trousseau Children's Hospital is a family hospital and over the last 10 years, has seen major development, which has resulted in an international reputation in oncology and ear, nose and throat treatment. With the exception of cardiology, cardiac surgery and neurosurgery, all other medical specializations are practiced at the hospital.

At the forefront of technology

Professor Montagne, Chief Radiologist, was the first person in France to promote the digital imaging techniques and also the first to equip his department with a flat panel sensor. Today, the hospital's radiology equipment is fully digital.

Professor Montagne describes the evolution of medical imaging: "The scanner and MRI innovations radically changed the way radiology is practiced. Due to the large number of images produced by these machines and the potential diagnosis offered, the screen reading was put into place. With current radiology practices, the screen reading of an image is as powerful as it was on film. Flat screens retain an excellent contrast with identical quality to film read under the film light box. Establishing a diagnostic reading on the screen is without detriment to the patient."

Interpret and communicate

"The digital radiology equipment serves two different functions for the hospital:

A Medical Function:

The hospital needs to optimize the radiology service throughout the hospital in areas such as emergency care and Intensive Care, and be in a physically remote location. For instance, the radiology service is on the main level and the Intensive Care service is on the eighth floor. This not only increases the work efficiency by preventing the employees from transporting films up and down between different floors but also allows doctors to discuss the imaging files with colleagues from different areas in the hospital.

A Teaching Function:

The hospital needs be able to show and comment on the images to the medical residents and radiology students. In order to do so, it is necessary to have six or seven people in front of the screens displaying images (the images are in a smaller resolution than the one obtained on film). To be able to go from information to interpretation to transmission, a diagnostic workstation was put into place, and was equipped with two Eizo 3 MP medical displays, which displays the images on a wall mounted monitor at 2 MP (which is high enough resolution for discussing and commenting). This solution allows the six or seven people to gather in front of the workstation and view the images in a high quality format.

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