Matrox TripleHead2Go expands capabilities

While Matrox DualHead2Go is now compatible with a wider range of laptop and desktop computer systems

Montreal, Canada, November 29, 2006 — Matrox Graphics, Inc., the leading manufacturer of graphics solutions for professionals, today announced that the award-winning Matrox TripleHead2Go has expanded its capabilities to include new resolution modes that support dual monitor configurations, widescreen flat panels and a higher refresh rate for CRT monitors. TripleHead2Go is a palm-sized box that uniquely allows users to add two or three monitors to many workstations, gaming systems and laptops, even if those systems only support a single display output. Based on further testing, Matrox is also pleased to provide a greatly increased DualHead2Go system compatibility.

"These new display modes were added to the TripleHead2Go to allow this product to be even more flexible." says Caroline Injoyan, Business Development Manager, Matrox Graphics Inc. "There was a demand to have wide aspect ratio and higher dual-display resolution support on the TripleHead2Go, as well as a more complete compatibility with the DualHead2Go-we listened and delivered."

Matrox TripleHead2Go

Matrox TripleHead2Go has enabled support for extra resolutions, included wide aspect ratio resolutions of 3840x720 and 3840x768, which will allow users working with widescreen flat panels or plasma screens to use the TripleHead2Go, and take full advantage of the surround graphics experience while leveraging its unique features to enhance the usability and productivity of various applications. TripleHead support at 3072x768 resolution with 85Hz refresh rate will give users who are playing games on CRT monitors an opportunity to also enjoy a totally immersive Surround Gaming experience without compromising performance. Finally, DualHead® support with a combined resolution of 2560x1024 and 3360x1050, will allow individuals to run the Matrox TripleHead2Go in dual-display configuration. If a user is more suited to working with two displays, they can now have the option to easily upgrade to three, without having to purchase a new unit-making the TripleHead2Go even more versatile.

All the new resolution modes included with the Matrox TripleHead2Go will be enabled through a software applet called the Matrox TripleHead2Go Mode Expansion Tool (TMET) that is available for download on the Matrox Graphics website.

Matrox DualHead2Go

Through extensive tests, Matrox is expanding support with the Matrox DualHead2Go, which will now be compatible with NVIDIA and ATI based add-in boards and most laptops based on Intel, ATI and NVIDIA integrated graphics. To view the complete list of devices Matrox has tested and found to be compatible with DualHead2Go, please visit the compatibility list page.

System Compatibility

Matrox TripleHead2Go includes support for Microsoft® Windows® 2000 and Windows® XP, and is compatible with many professional and enthusiast class desktop and laptop PCs equipped with certain ATI® and NVIDIA® enabled graphics chipsets and add-in-boards (including SLI™). Maximum resolutions supported may vary depending on the GPU version. For information on adding support for extra resolutions, such as DualHead® modes or Triple Widescreen modes, please visit the TripleHead2Go Mode Expansion Tool page.

Matrox DualHead2Go is now compatible with a wider range of laptop and desktop computer systems. An easy way to check if your system is supported, simply run the new Matrox DualHead2Go System Compatibility Tool available for free, prior to purchase.¹

For more information about Matrox Graphics Inc., contact graphics@matrox.com.

¹ Note that the maximum ultra-widescreen resolution that is supported with DualHead2Go is system dependent and that systems based on Intel graphics will have a maximum resolution limit of 2048x768.

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