Matrox Graphics announces the new PJ-4OLP display controller for ultra-wide screen projection

Featuring quad digital or analog output with edge overlap support

Montreal, Canada, June 7, 2006—Matrox Graphics Inc., the leading manufacturer of graphics solutions for professionals, is pleased to announce the new Matrox PJ-4OLP, a quad digital or analog output display controller for ultra-wide screen projection. In addition, with its edge-overlap functionality, the Matrox PJ-4OLP can be combined with edge-blending technologies for the seamless delivery of digital content across multiple projectors for any medium to large-sized venue.

"The Matrox PJ-4OLP is the ideal display controller for any dual, triple or quad multi-projector set-up," says Caroline Injoyan, business development manager, Matrox Graphics. "This solution's digital and analog flexibility, numerous display configuration capabilities and unsurpassed resolution support make it the perfect compliment for any ultra-wide screen projection presentation, project or screening."

The Matrox PJ-4OLP, equipped with 256MB of memory, is a 64-bit PCI display controller designed for 33 MHz and 66 MHz buses. This quad digital or analog output solution supports a wide array of resolutions including 1400x1050 (SXGA+) with a maximum resolution of 1600x1200 (UXGA) per output. The edge overlap functionality is a convenient feature for multi-projector set-ups as it sends duplicate picture information to adjacent projectors in order to display the same image in the overlapped region. The overlap region can represent up to 50% of the single output's resolution and can be easily set via the Matrox PowerDesk suite. The Matrox PJ-4OLP also offers flexible output configurations including 4 x 1, 3 x 1 and 2 x 2, and thanks to advanced hardware video overlay support, the user can experience smooth video playback stretched across all outputs. The Matrox PJ-4OLP is OpenGL® and Microsoft™ DirectX® compliant and ships with display drivers for Microsoft Windows® XP x64, Microsoft Windows® XP and Windows® 2000.

Availability and pricing

The Matrox PJ-4OLP will be available in the third quarter of 2006. For pricing and other sales information, call 1-800-361-1408 (North America) or insales@matrox.com.

For more information about Matrox Graphics Inc., contact graphics@matrox.com.

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