Matrox Graphics ISE 2016 Wrap-Up:
C900 Launch, Mura IPX Awards and More

Matrox turned heads with the unveiling of its new Matrox C900 nine-output video card specifically designed to power 3x3 video walls. Matrox Mura™ IPX 4K capture and IP encoder/decoder cards also impressed audiences with its high-quality, low-bitrate, multi-channel 4K/HD encoding and decoding—while securing three prestigious industry awards!

Want a show recap? Watch our featured videos below.

Show Accolades: Matrox Mura IPX Captures Top New Technology and AV Technology and Installation Best of Show Honors!

Video: New Matrox C900 Nine-Output Graphics Card for 3x3 Video Walls

Caroline Injoyan, business development manager at Matrox Graphics, presents Matrox C900, the first synchronized, single-slot, nine-output graphics card. This low-cost, low-power-consumption card offers a stunning solution for control room and digital signage use. Operating in stretched desktop mode, C900 can power a 3x3 array of 1920x1200 displays, effectively creating a 6K canvas.

Video length: 56s.

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Video: Matrox Mura IPX Series Revolutionizing Video Wall Designs

Matrox's Rob Moodey, sales account manager, reviews the features of the multiple award-winning Matrox Mura IPX. Mura IPX is a new line of 4K capture and IP encode/decode cards for video wall controllers that feature high-quality, low-bitrate, multi-channel 4K or HD encoding and decoding over standard IP. Based on the H.264 level 5.2 standard, Mura IPX serves not only as an all-in-one input, encode, and decode or output card, but a node for working with the widely available, up-to-4K H.264 content.

Video length: 2min 54s.

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Video: An Overview of Matrox Maevex H.264 Encoders & Decoders

Matrox Maevex returned to ISE in 2016, underscoring its continuing versatility in the encoding and decoding market. Business development manager Ron Berty demonstrates features of the H.264 encoders and decoders that set it apart including the unit's low-bandwidth, high-quality picture, zero-latency pass-through, and industry partnerships and certifications with Scala, Utelogy, and Panasonic, among others.

Video length: 2min 4s.

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Video: Fact and Fiction about Encoding 4K without H.265 (aka HEVC)

Speaking with AV Magazine, Rob Moodey discusses the fact versus fiction surrounding the necessity of H.265 in the 4K industry. Covering the capabilities and virtues of the established and tested H.264 standard, he also delves into challenges that are presented with the adoption of new encoding technologies.

Video length: 2min 4s.

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Video: DailyDOOH Interviews Rob Moodey to Discuss Matrox, ISE & More

In conversation with DailyDOOH's editor-in-chief, Adrian Cotterill, Rob Moodey from Matrox discusses the newest Matrox product offering, the C900 nine-output card, as well as the importance of ISE and international markets to Matrox.

Video length: 5min 56s.

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Video: A Pre-Show Walkthrough of the Matrox Booth

Jochen Köhl, director of sales and marketing in Matrox's German office, takes rAVe Publications on a pre-show tour of the Matrox booth. Highlights include the first live demonstration of a 3x3 video wall powered by the Matrox C900 graphics card, a 4K control room video wall sharing information to and from an associated operator desk running off of a Mura IPX system, and the Maevex product line encoding and decoding both digital signage and operator content throughout the entire booth.

Video length: 4min

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