What is IPMX?


IPMX (Internet Protocol Media Experience) is a proposed set of open standards and specifications for AV over IP which address the ProAV industry’s need for a common set of ubiquitous standards and protocols in the transition to IP infrastructures. The Pro AV landscape is riddled with proprietary AV-over-IP solutions, none of which are open standard based. This results in solutions with limited interoperability, increased costs, and frustrations for system designers and end customers alike. Enter IPMX.

IPMX delivers a single platform upon which manufacturers can build products that are more standardized and interoperable. The direct benefits of interoperability include simplified infrastructure management, scalability, and cost savings. IPMX is based on the SMPTE ST 2110 suite of standards and the related AMWA NMOS specifications prevalent within the Broadcast industry but adds specific capabilities for Pro AV workflows.

The IPMX standard is designed to transport and control compressed and uncompressed video and audio, including 4Kp60 with 4:4:4 color, over standard 1G networks, with very low latency. Highly flexible and future proof, IPMX supports SD resolutions and is ready for 8K (or higher) resolutions. Moreover, IPMX is flexible enough to support 10G, 25G, 40G, and 100G networks. Additional capabilities include HDMI support, digital copy protection with HDCP, NMOS discovery and registration, I/O management, enhanced audio channel mapping, and compressed media using the JPEG XS video coding system.

Finally, there are no licensing fees with IPMX—the complete set of standards is open and free to download and use. For more information, visit the IPMX website.


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    IPMX-ready products

    ConvertIP family

    Matrox ConvertIP standards-based, IPMX-ready encoders and decoders are designed for maximum flexibility, scalability, and interoperability. ConvertIP provides multiple input/output connectivity options for converting SMPTE ST 2110 IP signals between HDMI, HDBaseT, or SDI. Supporting compressed and uncompressed 4K over IP signal transmission, ConvertIP is perfect for a variety of Pro AV and Broadcast workflows. 


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