Training & Simulation

Next Level Realism and Reliability

Maximize the effectiveness of your training solution by creating environments that simulate real life. Matrox provides a broad portfolio of single point or multi-node synchronized recording solutions to ensure the highest fidelity reconstruction of events for training and simulation. With a complete array of integration tools, Matrox helps organizations and solution providers combine automation and encoding/recording with presentations and event productions.

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The Matrox advantage

AV distribution

Leveraging IP networks to stream and record critical video and data is becoming more prevalent as control room managers look for more cost-effective methods of AV distribution.


24/7 reliability

Matrox Video products are used in industries that demand consistent performance and reliability. Our customers and partners have come to rely on the quality, dependability, and longevity our products are known for.


Long product life cycles

Mission-critical environments demand long product life cycles to reduce migration and maintenance costs. Matrox products have long product life cycles that protect against component obsolescence and meet the needs of mission-critical environments.


Scalable and interoperable

We champion industry standards to ensure maximum flexibility, compatibility, and interoperability—including with third parties. Our adoption of open source technologies means we’re able to ensure continuity, long-term viability, cost-effectiveness, and transparency to our customers.


Use cases

Military & Defense

Prepare for important missions. Tackle a spectrum of learning activities, such as procedural training, games, and theory analytics.



Deliver enhanced clinical training directly to clinical skills labs, simulation rooms, and observation rooms. Record lessons and play back presentations to further augment medical education.



Capture all player actions, review play-by-play and motion, and help athletes learn faster.