Military & Defense

Communications, Training, and Visualization

AV over IP Solutions for Military

Man-machine enhancement and multi-disciplinary common operating pictures are combining to help overwhelm peers and project force. Matrox has proudly supported defense research and powered countless applications both in the field and in the control room.

Matrox provides products to meet the unique needs of the military and defense industry, ranging from in-vehicle display technology to control rooms. We also offer graphics cores, video cores, chips, sub-assemblies, PCI Express® cards, and other form factors of our technology for use in vehicles and other equipment to power everything from equipment gauges to communications interfaces.



Military IoT

Share control

Artificial Intelligence and specialized AV/IT equipment keep expanding. The need to secure these assets while making the visual content available for sharing means creating highly secure capture points that pass video, audio, and control capabilities to remote operators while preventing access to the main equipment and, more importantly, the secure networks the specialized equipment lives on.

Military Multi-Node Synchronization

Multi-node synchronization

To build better training and collaboration systems, organizations sometimes need to coordinate many different assets and ensure the synchronization of communications, visual assets, and automated sub-systems. DIS and HLA training and simulations systems are one example. But capturing all the events in medical theaters, science labs, and control rooms are other examples where training systems keep evolving. Furthermore, AI keeps improving. Capturing ecosystems of interrelated AV/IT assets today can lead to better workflow, software, and automation designs tomorrow.

Military Presentation Capture

Lecture and presentation capture

With high quality multi-input and multi-stream capture points that help you to record and live stream simultaneously, organizations can adhere to privacy and security policies while facilitating remote collaboration and integrating many different IT and Audio-Visual assets into Video Management Systems (VMS). The quality of capture and method of curating key presentations, experiments, and special guest events are important ingredients in how live streaming events are maximized and how the material can be made available for on-demand consumption at a later time.