IP KVMs for Broadcast and Media

Control Your Content without Compromise

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With broadcast production facilities being reimagined for more dynamic workflows, you can now produce content anytime, anywhere. By enabling you to centralize your valuable broadcast hardware, Matrox Extio 3 IP KVM extenders allow you to secure a wide range of equipment, optimize resources, facilitate collaborative workflows, and eliminate distractions. The end result? Seamless interactions between your staff and the content they manage – whether they are on-site or off-site – and a scalable, interoperable KVM solution that is ready for whatever tomorrow brings.

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Key benefits

Maximize your equipment investment

Maximize your equipment investment

  • Allocate resources more efficiently by enabling control room technology to be accessed via LAN, WAN, or Internet, and shared between multiple on-site or off-site users  
  • The same broadcast IP systems and infrastructure can be used to incorporate remote production (REMI) workflows
  • With KVM technology allowing you to leverage existing networks, you don’t have to invest time, labor, and money in setting up new infrastructure or scaling your installation

Empower your staff

Empower your staff

  • With remote access to infrastructure, allow your staff to work from more convenient locations while equipment stays centralized
  • Using IP KVMs, users can access critical resources while benefiting from the performance of their specialized USB broadcast equipment located in the studio
  • Eliminate noise, heat, and cramped workspace distractions to ensure comfort and productivity

Keep your content secure

Keep your content secure

  • Ensure secure KVM over IP access of in-studio workstations for remote staff using encryption and multi-factor authentication
  • Safely transmit all audio, video, and USB signals over the Internet using a secure VPN connection integrated in your KVM systems
  • Protect valuable equipment in secure server rooms to help eliminate the risk of unwanted access to assets

Use cases

Extio 3 post production workflow

Post production

Access and control multiple remote computers in different physical locations, and eliminate distractions from noise, heat emissions, and cramped workspaces.

Extio 3 for control rooms workflow

Broadcast control rooms

Streamline control room operations, limit costs, and increase efficiency of local and remote collaboration between operators.

Extio 3 for OB vans workflow

OB vans

Maximize the limited operational space in each mobile broadcast unit and enable operators to access multiple remote workstations with a single keyboard and mouse.

Extio 3 for radio control rooms workflow

Radio control rooms

Eliminate any unwanted noise generated by equipment and allow users to connect to and control, share, and manage local and remote systems and applications.

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