Digital Signage

Display. Capture. Stream. Control.

Captivate your audience. From displaying a welcome screen to showcasing your restaurant’s menu, digital signage can easily attract attention, provide product demos, directions, announcements, emergency alerts, or any message you need to convey. Matrox has the hardware and software you need to distribute content and drive attention-grabbing displays.

Matrox Maevex for Digital Signage

Multiply your message across a network of displays

Stream signage from a host PC, media player, or another source to different displays over a standard IP network. Matrox H.264 encoders/decoders distribute excellent-quality 1080p60 video and audio to the eyes and ears of prospective customers, with minimal bandwidth consumption, and maximum control—ensuring your signage looks great on different displays.

Drive artistic video walls with multiple Matrox QuadHead2Go multi-monitor controller appliances.

Attract audiences with artistic video walls

Building dynamic, next-generation video walls is easy with Matrox multi-monitor controller appliances and cards. Driving a single video source across quad, triple, or dual displays, in classic rectangular, or a variety of artistic configurations, multiple units can be combined to easily scale up to a video wall of any possible dimension and complexity.

Matrox Mura MPX for Digital Signage

Reach larger audiences with a video display wall

Capture and display eSports tournaments, live camera feeds, up-to-date scheduling, news alerts and other information on a video wall from a single COTS system. Building scalable, high-density video wall controllers is easy with Matrox video wall products, which feature universal input support and integrated input/output functionality. Attach inputs directly or deliver remote content to the video wall controller using Matrox low-bandwidth video over IP encoder/decoders or high-performance fiber optic KVM extenders.

Digital signage helps improve traveller flow.

Improve traveler flow, satisfaction, and safety

Presenting passengers with up-to-the-minute information is essential for transportation hubs around the world. Airport displays must provide flight arrival, departure, baggage, and gate information that is clear and easy to read. Hub and vehicle digital signage can direct passengers where to go or provide news, weather, and topical information on multiple screens throughout an airport, subway, train, or bus station. Well-designed Transportation Information Display (TID) systems are a critical component at passenger hubs, terminals and vehicles and improve traveler flow, satisfaction, and safety.

Matrox software makes it easy to set up and manage digital signage.

Manage and simplify your signage setup

User-friendly software tools give you control over how your signage is displayed, to help you make a better impression. Matrox PowerStream Plus software lets administrators adjust Maevex streaming parameters and modify content to fit different screens. Matrox MuraControl for Windows or iPad makes it easy to create, manage, and schedule Mura-based video wall layouts with the ability to add special presentation effects.