Build up Your AV Distribution Ecosystem

Capture, Extend, Stream, Display, Record & Manage Exceptional-Quality Content

Avio and Maevex AV-over-IP Collaboration Diagram
As the Information Age gives way to the Age of Collaboration, Matrox Graphics technology helps you connect the dots in your AV distribution and display ecosystem. Reliable, high-quality encoders and decoders enable AV-over-IP streaming, recording, and matrix switching. High-bandwidth KVM extenders provide real-time remote control over centralized computing resources. PC-based video wall processors facilitate collaboration using Matrox components for universal source capture, exceptional scaling, and intuitive control over multi-display layouts. With decades of experience contributing to reliable, high-quality AV and IT product design, Matrox has the tools to help you build up and work successfully within merged data and AV-over-IP environments.