Matrox QuadHead2Go Series

QuadHead2Go Q155 Multi-Monitor Controller Appliance

QuadHead2Go Q155 Multi-Monitor Controller Appliance

Scalable. Flexible. Easy-to-Deploy Video Walls.

Capable of driving four displays from one signal, the Matrox® QuadHead2Go™ Q155 multi-monitor controller appliance provides complete video wall scalability and flexibility. This system-independent appliance is designed to power any video wall configuration of any possible dimension, from any HDMI® video source—reliably delivering flawless image quality across expansive, artistic video wall displays, suited for digital signage in a wide range of industries. QuadHead2Go’s on-device buttons and pre-set configurations ensure an out-of-the-box, trouble-free installation experience.

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    Complete Flexibility

    Complete Flexibility
    • Drive up to four pristine quality Full HD displays from a single video signal—of up to 4Kp60 and 8Kx8K—at full RGB 8:8:8 and YUV 4:4:4 color support.
    • Expand to a video wall configuration of any size by using multiple QuadHead2Go units.
    • Create a video wall from any content source, including professional graphics cards and integrated GPUs, video wall controllers, digital signage players, media players, decoders, laptops, NUCs, set-top boxes, gaming consoles, and more.
    • Design modern and artistic video wall layouts with free rein—each output can have its own resolution, be independently rotated (90, 180, and 270 degrees), cropped, upscaled, downscaled, and positioned anywhere.
    • Fashion countless forms of setups—arrange displays in 4x1, 1x4, 2x2, 3x1, 1x3, 2x1, or 1x2 rectangular configurations, in portrait or landscape, or other non-rectangular/artistic configurations—and combine/scale them to create large-scale, captivating video walls.

    HDCP compliant

    HDCP Compliant
    • Capture and display HDCP-protected content with QuadHead2Go multi-monitor controllers.

    Proven video wall ecosystem

    Proven Video Wall Ecosystem
    • Drive up to 64 1920x1080p60 displays by pairing multiple QuadHead2Go controllers with Matrox D-Series graphics cards.
    • Create artistic video walls by pairing QuadHead2Go controllers with D-Series graphics cards.

    Ease of deployment

    Easy Deployment
    • Simplify installation with guaranteed out-of-the-box plug and play when using the default configuration of 2x2 in landscape—set up without installing software or even connecting a video source.
    • Design any custom configuration/array with the intuitive Matrox PowerWall software.
    • Ensure compatibility with professional-grade graphics cards and media players with HDMI support.
    • Eliminate physical handling by controlling and updating the units remotely from anywhere on the network (LAN).
    • Select and set the display layout by cycling through pre-set configurations1 using an on-device button—there is no need to install software when using a pre-set configuration.
    • Set up display positions, fine tune bezels, and also troubleshoot with ease, by accessing the built-in or pre-saved images directly from the appliance, together with display identification information that includes the ID number and the resolution of each output.
    * Pre-set configurations can be customized.

    As easy as 1-2-3

    Connect using HDMI input

    Connect using HDMI input and 4 HDMI outputs

    Configure using on-device-buttons or the Matrox PowerWall software

    Configure using on-device-buttons or the Matrox PowerWall software



    Dynamic and scalable configurations

    Fine-tune Bezels for Seamless Image Displays

    Fine-tune bezels for seamless image displays

    QuadHead2Go Appliance Rotate and Position Outputs

    Rotate and position outputs independently from one another

    Use Multiple QuadHead2Go Appliances to Create Large-Scale Video Wall Solutions

    Use multiple QuadHead2Go cards to easily create and/or expand large-scale video wall solutions


    Software and API/SDK

    Matrox PowerWall Software

    Matrox PowerWall

    Matrox PowerWall is an advanced yet easy-to-use management software included with Matrox QuadHead2Go that makes video wall deployments simple and efficient.

    Key features

    • Position, upscale, downscale, rotate, clone, crop outputs as desired
    • Create, edit, save, or delete configurations and/or images at will
    • Work online or in offline mode
    • Control and fine-tune bezels using the pre-set images available on the products
    • Locate devices effortlessly over the network using DHCP or Static IP address
    • Operate on Microsoft® Windows® 10

    Customize applications

    • Develop custom functions and applications using the QuadHead2Go REST API.
    • Rebrand the Matrox PowerWall software for quick and complete integration by OEMs using the white-label solutions.



    Solutions for Digital Signage

    Digital signage

    Solutions for Process Control Rooms

    Process control

    Solutions for Military Installations


    Solutions for Governments


    Solutions for Corporate Settings

    Corporate communications

    Solutions for Transportation


    Solutions for Science and Technology

    Science & technology

    Solutions for Educational Classroom Settings


    Solutions for Industrial Optimization

    Industrial, automation & production

    Solutions for Safeguards Installations


    Solutions for Houses of Worship

    House of worship

    Solutions for Healthcare Settings


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    Technical specifications





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