Matrox QuadHead2Go Series

Multi-Monitor Controller Appliances and Cards

QuadHead2Go Familly
Leveraging decades of distinctive expertise and innovation in multi-display solutions, Matrox introduces its most recent breakthrough: the Matrox® QuadHead2Go™ Series multi-monitor controllers. Available in both appliance and single-slot PCIe card forms requiring only power from the system, QuadHead2Go makes building dynamic, next-generation video walls of any type and size simple, and provides convenient deployment options.
Each QuadHead2Go appliance or card can drive a single video source across quad, triple, or dual displays, in classic rectangular 2x2, 2x1, 3x1, 4x1, 1x2, 1x3, or 1x4, or a variety of other artistic configurations. Multiple QuadHead2Go appliances or cards can be used together to easily scale up to a video wall of any possible dimension and complexity. Bezel management and HDCP are supported.
Powering innovative video walls from any video source, QuadHead2Go supports today’s highest resolution video content—up to 8K x 8K input resolution. While its default 2x2 configuration in landscape orientation applies to the majority of use cases and provides a plug-and-play installation experience, other configurations can be easily designed using the intuitive Matrox PowerWall™ software in online or offline mode, to ensure an out-of-the-box trouble-free deployment.


Key features

HDCP Compliant

HDCP compliant

Synchronized Video Outputs

Synchronized video outputs

Crop Scale Rotate Function

Crop, scale and/or rotate at 90°, 180°, or 270°

Support for Bezel Management

Support for Bezel Management

Controlled Via IP

Controlled via IP with Matrox SW and/or APIs

OS Agnostic

OS agnostic

Rack Mountable


Independant Outputs

Independent outputs

Matrox PowerWall Software

Matrox PowerWall software and QuadHead2Go REST API

Matrox PowerWall is an advanced yet easy-to-use management software included with Matrox QuadHead2Go that makes video wall deployments simple and efficient.
Easily integrate the functionalities of PowerWall into your own applications with the QuadHead2Go REST API. Further customize the appearance of your Matrox product—with new company naming, images, logos, colors, buttons, and identity—for greater ease of use and complete white label branding of Matrox hardware and software.