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PowerDesk for Mura MPX

PowerDesk Software

The robust, field-proven Matrox PowerDesk desktop management software for Windows lets users easily configure and manage multi-display setups. Included with almost all Matrox hardware, PowerDesk offers professional users a comprehensive set of tools to deploy and control a variety of display configurations including stretched or independent desktops, clone mode, pivot, bezel management and edge overlap, and more.

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    Easily manage your multi-display desktop with Matrox Powerdesk for Windows

    Multi-monitor setups are already well established for general computing, but are also a key requirement for high-end corporate or industrial systems, such as those used for enterprise or control room applications. Matrox display drivers include Matrox PowerDesk multi-display software that allows you to change display settings specific to Matrox graphics hardware.

    Matrox PowerDesk Stretched Desktop

    Stretched desktop

    Create an ultra-large desktop to expand a single application across all screens.

    Independent desktop Matrox Powerwall

    Independent desktop

    Set displays independently from one another to open different applications within each screen.

    PowerDesk Clone Mode

    Clone mode

    Duplicate content to show the same information on all displays.

    powerdesk desktop divider

    Desktop divider

    Split up your desktop into different sections to create additional partitions for all your applications.

    PowerDesk Edge Overlap

    Edge overlap

    Adjust the number of overlapping pixels between edge blending projectors to build a seamless, unified image.

    bezel management with Matrox powerwall

    Bezel management

    Compensate for the physical space created by monitor bezels to output a continuous image across multiple displays.

    PowerDesk Pivot Mode

    Pivot mode

    Select any combination of portrait or landscape and set the orientation that works best for you.

    Matrox Powerdesk mode management

    Desktop management

    Determine where and how program windows are displayed on the desktop.

    Mode Management

    Mode management

    Increase resolution support and select display modes (wide-screen resolutions, video timings & refresh rates) not available by default by your monitor's EDID.

    PowerDesk EDID Management

    EDID management

    Provide consistent EDID signal to the graphics card to ensure video is displayed correctly.

    Matrox Powerdesk unattended install

    Unattended install

    Deploy different desktop configurations/environments based on individual department requirements across the organization.