Matrox Mura MPX Series

Mura MPX-4/4

Matrox Mura MPX-4/4 Video Wall Controller Board

Redefine Your Video Wall Experience

The Matrox Mura MPX-4/4 video wall controller board makes no compromises as it redefines the future of collaborative video walls and wall matrix management. The unique single-slot board design supports four HD inputs and four HD outputs on the same PCI Express x16 Gen2 board—leveraging 64 Gbit per second duplex data transfer for the flawless display of video input captures without sacrificing frame rate, color or resolution. In addition, the Mura MPX-4/4 output/input board features highly flexible, universal input channel support for both digital and analog video signals (DVI, RGB/VGA, Component, S-Video, & Composite), and captures and displays each signal at full true color (24-bit) image quality. The Mura MPX-4/4 video wall controller card can be combined with other Matrox Mura MPX Series boards to create tailored video wall solutions with support for additional digital and analog video, as well as SDI video inputs.

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    Multiple Mura MPX Series Video Wall Controller Boards Setup
    • Single-slot board design with integrated support of 4 output and 4 input channels on the same board
    • Combine multiple Matrox Mura MPX Series boards to drive desired channel requirements—all from a single system
    • PCI Express x16 Gen2 host bus connection leverages 64 Gbit/s full duplex data transfer
    • Maximum output resolution of 2048x1152 (SL-DVI) & 2048x1536 (RGB/VGA) per display
    • Maximum input resolution of 2560x1600 (SL-DVI)1, 1920x1200 (RGB/VGA), 1920x1080i (Component), and NTSC/PAL/SECAM (S-Video, Composite) per input
    • HDCP compliant board captures protected video content from digital cable, satellite set-top boxes, video streamers and Blu-ray™ players and outputs the content to HDCP-enabled displays
    • Designed for control rooms, operation centers and other mission critical environments as well as digital signage, and presentation systems that require stable, reliable video wall technology
    • Pair Mura IPX Series with Mura MPX boards in Matrox-certified platforms for 4K capture and multi-stream H.264 level 5.2 encoding/decoding over standard IP onto video walls up to 56 displays and a more favorable input-to-output ratio
    • Supports Bezel Management as well as Edge Overlap for multi-projector platforms in both landscape and portrait modes
    • Multi-functional board design facilitates video switching, signal conversion, scaling and de-interlacing from a single board, eliminating the need for separate solutions
    • Hardware Framelock: Synchronization of multiple outputs provides tear-free display of captured video sources across multiple displays
    Hardware included
    • Mura MPX- 4/4 board
    • 2 breakout cables with KX-20 to 4x DVI-I connectors
    • 8 x RGB (VGA) to DVI-A adapters
    • 2 Framelock cables
    Optional hardware2
    • Component to DVI-A adapter (Part # ADP-DVI-3RCA20F)
    • S-Video to DVI-A adapter (Part # ADP-DVI-SVID20F)
    • Composite to DVI-A adapter (Part # ADP-DVI-RCA20F)
    1. A 165MHz pixel clock enables maximum resolutions of 1920x1200 @ 60 Hz or 2560x1600 @ 30 Hz. Contact Matrox for custom resolution support.
    2. The following adapters are sold separately in kits of 20.


    Matrox MuraControl software and APIs


    Easy-to-use video wall management software

    Matrox MuraControl is a low-cost, premium performance, video wall management software that provides an easy and intuitive way to manage your Matrox-based video wall, multiviewer, or personal video wall locally or remotely. Available as a feature-rich, single-licence software for Microsoft® Windows® or as a free, lighter version app for iPad® with drag & drop functionality, it can be used to create and manage layouts offline or in real time.

    Learn more

    Mura Developer Tools

    Matrox Mura SDK and re-branding options

    Matrox offers a complete range of software, APIs, and libraries that allow OEMs and developers to build personalized applications or interfaces based on project needs. White-label options allow for easy re-branding of Matrox software with enterprise naming, logos, colors, and identity for complete corporate integration.

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    Control rooms, Corporate enterprises, Education, Worship, Large venue, Entertainment, Security/Surveillance

    Control rooms/Operation centers
    Mura MPX Series boards are the ultimate building blocks for display wall controllers for process control, surveillance, network operation centers, and other control room environments.
    Presentation/Digital signage
    Mura MPX Series offers the competitive edge and scalability required for presentation systems in corporate boardrooms and conference rooms and digital signage installations in small and large venues. Combined with an off-the-shelf application or integration of the remote control interface using the network API, Mura MPX Series helps get your message out more effectively.
    Matrix switcher/Video scaler/Video converter
    Mura MPX Series’ unique multi-functional board design facilitates matrix switching, signal conversion, video scaling and de-interlacing in a single board, eliminating the need to purchase separate solutions.

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    Technical specifications