Matrox Mura IPX Series

Matrox Mura IPX 4K Capture & IP Encode/Decode Cards
Matrox Mura IPX Series capture, encode, decode, and display cards provide OEMs and system builders with best-of-breed hardware and software to enhance their video wall controllers, multiviewers, operator workstations, and personal video walls with advanced video processing and networking capabilities.
Featuring unprecedented, high-density Full HD and 4K support, the world-class Mura IPX video wall portfolio is ideal for control rooms, digital signage, AV presentation, security and more.

Key features

                                                                                                                          High-Density H.264 Decoding

High-density H.264 encoding/decoding

                                                                                                                         HDCP Compliant

HDCP compliant

                                                                                                                            Multi-Source Inputs for Video Capture

Multi-source inputs for video capture

                                                                                                                            Direct Memory Access

Direct memory access

                                                                                                                        Stream and Record ROI or Entire Video Walls

Stream/record ROI or entire video walls

                                                                                                                            Custom Control

API customization


Product line

Mura IPX 4K Capture & IP Decode Series

Featuring 4x HDMI or 2x DisplayPort 1.2 inputs for high-resolution capture of multiple physical and/or IP sources with decoding of up to 4x 4K or 16x HD streams.

Matrox Mura IPX 4K Capture & IP Encode/Decode Cards

Featuring 4x HDMI, 4x SDI, or 2x DisplayPort inputs for high-resolution capture, encoding, streaming, recording and decoding of up to 4x 4K or 16x HD streams.

Matrox Mura IPX 4K IP Decode and Display Card

Featuring ability to decode 4 x 4K or 16 x HD streams and display them on up to 4 x 4K displays.
Matrox MuraControl

MuraControl for Windows software

Matrox MuraControl is a low-cost, premium performance, video wall management software that provides an easy and intuitive way to manage your Matrox-based video wall, multiviewer, or personal video wall locally or remotely. Available as a feature-rich, single-license software for Microsoft® Windows® or as a free, lighter version app for iPad™ with drag & drop functionality, it can be used to create and manage layouts offline or in real time.
Mura Developer Tools

Matrox Mura SDK and re-branding options

Matrox offers a complete range of software, APIs, and libraries that allow OEMs and developers to build personalized applications or interfaces based on project needs. White-label options allow for easy re-branding of Matrox software with enterprise naming, logos, colors, and identity for complete corporate integration.
OS Agnostic

Validated platforms

Matrox video wall products are supported in numerous non-validated, COTS motherboards and systems but a select few of these solutions have been thoroughly tested, verified, and validated by Matrox. Choosing a validated platform guarantees a high-quality solution to drive your display wall systems. Matrox fanless video wall products are only supported in validated platforms. Matrox is constantly reviewing new systems and looking to validate new platforms across multiple price points.