Matrox Convert DVI Plus Workflows

Convert DVI Plus for Zoom, Facetime, Teams and Skype

Communication tools 

Convert a Skype, Teams, FaceTime, and Zoom window into an HD-SDI output using pillar box, center cut, or anamorphic aspect ratio conversion. 
Convert DVI on Youtube PC monitor and tv


Select and scale a YouTube window to fit any broadcast output resolution using the region-of-interest feature.
Convert DVI with Google Earth on PC monitor and tv

Google Earth 


Crop out extraneous interface toolbars and broadcast clean Google Earth maps.
Convert DVI Plus for Youtube, Google Chrome and Microsoft Explorer


Web pages 

Take computer-generated content and turn it into an HD-SDI signal to target downstream equipment.

Convert DVI Plus used with Quicktime, VLC and WMP

QuickTime, VLC, Windows Media Player


Output any video file or video stream playing on your computer through media players such as QuickTime, VLC, and Windows Media Player to HD-SDI.
Convert DVI Plus used for Keying


Select any portion of your computer screen, scale it to virtually any size, and position it anywhere on the output monitor over a colored background for downstream keying applications.
Convert DVI Plus for PPT, Propresenter and Keynote

PowerPoint, Keynote, ProPresenter 

Get PowerPoint, Keynote, and ProPresenter presentations to air.
Convert DVI Plus for a gaming setup


Broadcast PC-based gaming action.
Convert DVI Plus for a medical setup


Convert video from non-PC based DVI sources such as medical or industrial cameras to SDI or analog for distribution and monitoring.