Matrox Convert DVI Plus Region-of-Interest

Region of Interest

The region-of-interest feature of Convert DVI Plus lets you output just a portion of your computer screen such as a Skype conversation or a YouTube video while eliminating the rest of the computer interface from your broadcast. When your selected content is smaller than your desired broadcast resolution Matrox Convert DVI Plus upscales it. When the content is larger, Matrox Convert DVI Plus downscales it. Proper color space and aspect ratio conversion are performed automatically. Anamorphic, letterbox, pillarbox, and centercut presets are provided.



The snap-to-window feature automatically positions the region-of-interest over any window or element within an application or website making it easier to select the content you intend to output. This is ideal for quickly focusing on a specific element such as a Skype conversation.

Precise adjustments

Convert DVI software interface

Another way to adjust the region-of-interest is by entering pixel-based screen coordinates or by simply clicking and dragging your mouse over the area you want to output.

Pan in real-time

Pan in Realtime

You can move the region-of-interest over the computer screen to draw attention to different details. For example, you can pan through an image or website to show various elements within it, up close.