ConvertIP Series

ConvertIP SRH

Matrox ConvertIP SRH single-channel RJ45 HDMI-to-IP transmitter/receiver

Single-channel RJ45 HDMI-to-IP transmitter/receiver

Matrox ConvertIP SRH is a compact, standalone ST 2110 and IPMX transmitter/receiver device. Featuring one RJ45 port, ConvertIP SRH is designed for 1G AV workflows and is optimal for an ultra-low latency experience. The device can deliver power over Ethernet through its RJ45 connection, or it can be powered through an optional power supply unit. Both can be used simultaneously to deliver power redundancy.

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    Key features

    Key features

    Key benefits
    • HDMI I/O
    • Multi-network support
    • 1x RJ45 1G network support
    • Fanless design for quiet cooling
    • Power redundancy through PoE+ and locking AC power connector (optional power supply cable sold separately)
    • Optional bracket for VESA mounting behind monitors
    • Optional 1 RU rack shelf that holds two appliances
    • Optional fault-tolerant, hot-swappable, and rack-mountable power supply 



    You really can have it all
    • Transmit or receive signals from a single device
    • Low latency with exceptional 4K image quality
    • Colibri codec for high-quality transmission of compressed media
    • Optional JPEG XS codec license for uncompressed media
    • IPMX ready
    • ConvertIP Command Center complimentary web interface for managing ConvertIP devices
    • Optional Matrox ConductIP software license for discovery and routing
    • Compact form factor mounts easily to the back of a monitor

    Rack mountable

    ConvertIP SRH rack mounted

    Install up to three ConvertIP devices horizontally on a single U of rack space. A stand-alone appliance, your ConvertIP device can be housed in a 1U ½ rack width. And its whisper-quiet operation means that ConvertIP is made for control rooms, operation centers, and other critical environments that require a noise level of 25 dB and less. 

    Always powered. Always on.

    ConvertIP SRH and NRG power supply

    Safeguard against a potential loss of power. Matrox makes available rack-mounted, multi-output redundant power supply units (RPSU) to ensure uninterrupted operation of your Matrox device in case of a power module failure and a redundant power input in case a circuit breaker trips.

    Learn more about redundant power supply units



    Your entire media installation at a glance


    ConductIP is a standards-based signal routing platform that seamlessly integrates into a ConvertIP or any other IPMX-enabled network. ConductIP gives you a comprehensive view of all content on your IP network and where it is being routed, while allowing you to intuitively organize devices in your unique setup.

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