ConvertIP for Broadcast & Media Applications

Switching from SDI to IP broadcast networks can be costly and complex. Matrox ConvertIP is a standalone SMPTE ST 2110 converter engineered to help you easily transition to IP. Supporting multiple input/output connectivity options, ConvertIP is designed to effortlessly convert HDMI or ST 2110 IP signals to or from SDI or HDMI. ConvertIP devices also support up to 25 Gbps connectivity allowing for the delivery of uncompressed 4K video over ST 2110.


Key benefits

Key benefits
  • Single hardware can be configured as an encoder or decoder, or turned into an IP gateway
  • Optional JPEG XS license
  • Flexible input and output reconfiguration capacity
  • Simplified networking to provide IP over copper or IP over fiber
  • Complimentary web interface for centralized management of ConvertIP devices
  • Optional Matrox ConductIP software license for discovery and routing
  • Compact form factor mounts easily to the back of a monitor

Reduce your operating costs

cost reduction

As new standards emerge, get the most out of your existing SDI and SMPTE ST 2110-based equipment. Based on NMOS API, ConvertIP is interoperable with a wide range of hardware on the market, which means you are free to easily add new devices – including ProAV and enterprise equipment – to your existing IP networks and infrastructure.

You really can have it all

You really can have it all

ConvertIP combines the same hardware for input and output using standard SFPs, so there is no need to purchase any additional proprietary equipment. Thanks to its compact form factor and fanless design, ConvertIP can be mounted on a rack or the back of a monitor without any additional noise.

Get the maximum return on your investment

Maximum reliability today and tomorrow

Ready to deploy for a variety of applications, ConvertIP hardware devices support both copper or fiber networks, as well as multiple codecs for compressed and uncompressed video transmission. ConvertIP’s fanless design also ensures reliability for years to come.

You are in control

You are in control

Discover, configure, control, and route ConvertIP with the complimentary web browser-based ConvertIP Command Center UI and ConvertIP Central Manager application. With these tools, there is no need for dedicated engineers or extensive user training. Users have real-time access to ConvertIP devices on the network. 

Your entire media installation at a glance


ConductIP is a standards-based signal routing platform that seamlessly integrates with any NMOS-enabled device – including ConvertIP – and into any ST 2110 or IPMX-enabled network. ConductIP gives you a comprehensive view of all content on your IP network and where it is being routed, while allowing you to intuitively organize devices in your unique setup. 


ConvertIP product line

ConvertIP SRH Single-channel RJ45 HDMI-to-IP converter

ConvertIP SRH

Single-channel RJ45 HDMI-to-IP transmitter/receiver

ConvertIP SRH Dual-channel RJ45 HDMI-to-IP converter

ConvertIP DRH

Dual-channel RJ45 HDMI-to-IP transmitter/receiver

ConvertIP DSH Dual-channel SFP HDMI-to-IP converter

ConvertIP DSH

Dual-channel SFP HDMI-to-IP transmitter/receiver

ConvertIP DRS Dual-channel RJ45 SDI-to-IP converter

ConvertIP DRS

Dual-channel RJ45 SDI-to-IP transmitter/receiver

ConvertIP DSS Dual-channel SFP SDI-to-IP converter

ConvertIP DSS

Dual-channel SFP SDI-to-IP transmitter/receiver

ConvertIP SRST Single-channel RJ45/SFP HDBaseT™-to-IP converter

ConvertIP SRST

Single-channel RJ45 HDBaseT™-to-IP transmitter/receiver
ConvertIP Comparison table

Which ConvertIP product is right for you?

ConvertIP Series enables you to easily integrate best-of-breed hardware into your existing network setup. Maximum input/output flexibility built into each ST 2110 to HDMI, ST 2110 to SDI, and IP to SDI converter means that you can support a variety of installations and future-proof your investment. 

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