GXM System Compatibility Tool

Matrox GXMs (Graphics eXpansion Modules) will only interoperate with systems listed in our compatibility list. For the product warranty to be in effect, it is required that the Matrox GXM System Compatibility Tool be run to validate your system compatibility prior to purchase.

How it works

When you download and run the Matrox GXM System Compatibility Tool from our website, it checks information such as the manufacturer of your notebook, desktop or workstation, the graphics card you're using, the driver version installed, your operating system, and compares it to a list of validated devices to ensure that your particular configuration will work with the Matrox GXM.
It will then display the test results and let you know if your system is compatible, and if you can expect full GXM functionality with your current configuration. If your system hasn't been validated it may suggest changes you can make (such as downloading a more recent driver version) that would enable you to benefit from all the functionality a Matrox GXM has to offer.
Important: If your operating system is Windows 2000, you must use Internet Explorer to run the Matrox GXM System Compatibility Tool.