Matrox Maevex 6100 Series

Maevex 6100 Quad 4K Encoder Card

Maevex 6100 Quad 4K Encoder Card

Experience Flexible 4K Streaming & Recording

The Matrox® Maevex 6100 quad 4K encoder PCI Express® card is the world’s first card to deliver quad 4K input capture and encode, supporting at least four concurrent 4K streams and recordings—simultaneously.

Coupled with Maevex PowerStream Plus software, the Maevex 6100 quad 4K encoder card delivers reliable industry-leading technology for flexible management of local or remote data, ensuring complete reach and control over the entire network.

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    Industry-Leading Technology

    Industry Leading Technology
    The Maevex 6100 quad 4K encoder is the first in the world to drive simultaneous quad 4K/UHD and Full HD capture, encode, stream, and record concurrently from a single PCIe card.
    A native network jack on the Maevex 6100 card eliminates reliance on the host computers’ network. PC independence means there is no need for a driver and no system bus data transfer is required or executed—all processing is performed on the card itself. Streams and recordings are sent over the Maevex 6100’s independent network connector, and only power is taken from the host system’s PCIe bus.
    Maevex 6100 Card and PowerStream API for Cloud Applications
    The multi-chroma sub-sampling feature delivers 4:4:4, 4:2:2, 4:2:0, and 4:0:0 options to best balance quality and bandwidth demands of different encoding environments and markets. With up to 4K/UHD 4:4:4 sub-sampling support, the Maevex 6100 quad 4K card ensures best-in-breed encoding, while using standard 1 Gigabit Ethernet networks.
    Matrox’s powerful PowerStream Plus software supports multi-protocol and multi-bitrate streaming, chroma sub-sampling, Picture-in-Picture (PiP) and quadrant composite options, and more. PowerStream Plus software is compatible with both generations of Maevex technology, namely the 6100 and 5100 Series.

    Flexible communication

     Maevex 6100 Quad 4K Support of up to 68 Channels of 4K/UHD
    The Maevex 6100 quad 4K encoder card ensures easy-to-implement scalability, with the flexibility to adapt set-ups as needs evolve. The Maevex 6100 PCIe card offers flexible ease-of-use, reducing overall cost per stream and making minimal power consumption demands of the PC system.
    Combine many cards in a single rack mount system to allow for the highest density of 4K streaming from a single PC-based system and delivered over standard 1 Gigabit Ethernet networks. Use Matrox's System Builder's Guide to get extremely high density 4K streaming from recommended systems. For efficient use of existing system and rack space, Maevex 6100 cards can also be placed into available slots in existing systems without compromising system integrity and stability. Customizable settings on each independent channel provide powerful scaling and deinterlacing to ensure only pristine graphics and video are encoded.
    Work on multiple tasks in multiple settings and achieve multiple concurrent goals—all without sacrificing quality. This powerful appliance delivers content to on-premises end points on the LAN, to the cloud and internet services, directly over the internet to different cities, countries and continents, and also records for later editing and viewing - all concurrently.
    H.264 technology meets almost every need and requirement for streaming and recording at excellent quality with minimal network bandwidth consumption—including at 4K. It also allows for delivery of multiple streams of almost every type of content over standard 1 Gigabit Ethernet networks; network streams or recordings can then be decoded using virtually any device.
    Matrox Maevex 6100 Series Simultaneous Streaming

    Complete reach and control

    Complete Reach and Control
    Discover devices, manage content, access hardware, and monitor all streams and recordings from any location on the network via the robust Maevex PowerStream Plus software. Included with the purchase of Maevex hardware, PowerStream Plus renders both generations of Maevex products entirely monitorable, configurable, manageable, and updateable via an intuitive and easy-to-use application. PowerStream Plus can be installed on any network-connected computer.
    Easily tailor operations by integrating PowerStream Plus features into existing applications or create new software applications with the PowerStream Plus SDK—available for both Windows® and Linux®. A REST API is also available for more flexible and portable software development and more direct access to Maevex devices.

    Workflow Configuration of Maevex 6100 Card


    Fully customizable

    Maevex Developer Tools
    Easily build new applications or integrate the functionalities of PowerStream into existing applications with the Matrox PowerStream Plus SDK. Further customize the appearance of your Matrox product—with new company naming, images, logos, colors, buttons, and identity—for greater ease of use and complete white label branding of Matrox hardware and software.


    Many markets, endless possibilities

    Digital Signage Solutions

    Digital signage

    AV over IP in Healthcare Settings Decoding


    AV over IP Powers Military Installations Decoding


    Governments Benefit from AV over IP Decoding


    AV over IP Decoding in Corporate Settings

    Corporate communications

    House of Worship Encoding and Decoding

    House of worship

    AV over IP Decoding for Science and Technology

    Science & technology

    AV over IP Decoding in Educational, Classroom Settings


    Industrial Optimization Supported by AV over IP Decoding

    Industrial, automation & production

    AV over IP Safeguards Installations


    On-Demand Video with AV over IP

    Video on demand

     Matrox Maevex 6120 OTT Services

    OTT services

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    Technical specifications