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X.mio5 12G

Matrox X.mio5 12G PCI Express Card

Multi-channel SDI I/O plus on-board HDR and video processing

The Matrox X.mio5 12G provides multi-channel reconfigurable 12G/6G/3G SDI I/O for HD and 4K workflows. The X.mio5 12G card features on-board multi-channel HDR conversions along with motion adaptive de-interlacing, pristine scaling, and powerful compositing engines for high-density 4K video processing.

The X.mio5 12G provides a powerful combination of versatile high density 12G/3G SDI connectivity coupled with multi-channel 4K video processing capability, making 4K workflows as seamless as HD. The X.mio5 12G is supported by the feature-rich, field proven Matrox DSX SDK.

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    Key Features

    Key features

    Matrox X.mio5 12G PCI Express Card
    • Versatile 12G, 6G and quad 3G SDI for 4K connectivity
    • Up to 4x 12G inputs and 4x 12G outputs with 4x 3G reconfigurable I/O
    • Up to 12x completely reconfigurable 3G I/O
    • Multi-channel 4K HDR conversion
    • Multi-channel subpixel scaling, composting and motion adaption de-interlacing
    • Frame synchronizers
    • One comprehensive SDK for all our developer cards
    • 3-year warranty


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