Video News

“Matrox Convert DVI Plus is proving to be a valuable asset to getting additional weather content on the air via our converted weather cameras. As a 24-hour local news station, we can now give our viewers a live look at the weather in their community multiple times an hour, every day of the week.”

Travis Machacek, Studio Operations Manager

“Now, with noise-free studios, ultra-crisp monitors, and properly functioning hardware, complaints about system failures are at an all-time low, creating a much more comfortable—and productive—work environment for all INBS employees.”

Gunnar Gisli Gudnason, Head of Maintenance, INBS

IT/AV Report
By David Cann
Spring 2015

“…we decided to use Maevex gear that, through our testing, has proven to have an excellent build quality. At [Fort McMurray Airport], many of the screen locations are extremely difficult to access, some requiring scaffolding and the closure of escalators in an active airport, so a reliable platform was a must.”

“Our physical distance from the site means that service calls must be handled through contractors, and that requires more remote management and monitoring. The Matrox PowerStream software allows us to dedicate a computer to monitor the Maevex units: We can see their encoding and decoding progress in real time and glean with a high degree of confidence whether the screens are actively showing the advertising assigned to them. With the recent addition of screenshot gathering capabilities, the remote management functions of the Maevex platform have become even more beneficial from a reliability and, ultimately, a cost standpoint.

Read the complete case study in the Spring 2015 issue of AV/IT Report.