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Are you ready to virtualize? Find out how you can apply the benefits of IT to your broadcasting operation. This webinar explores how to design and develop broadcast systems that work equally well on premises and in the cloud. Discover how to update your broadcast operation with the latest technology, common challenges, and current best-practices.  

In this webinar, we will introduce Matrox ConvertIP Series IPMX-ready encoders and decoders, which allow you to transmit and distribute AV content in IP networks (< 1 Gbit to 25 Gbit). Depending on signal quality and network requirements, AV signals can be transmitted at different compression levels—without latency or loss of quality.

This webinar is available in German.

Broadcasters are turning to cloud-based tools as a cost-effective way to acquire, produce and share high-quality, low-latency contribution streams. Matrox Monarch EDGE encoder and decoder appliances are ideally suited for REMI and contribution environments—from field to studio and all parts in between. GlobalM, is a cloud-based SRT streaming platform offering high-availability, scalable routing and monitoring systems.   

Cybercrime is at an all-time high, and only expected to increase as malicious actors develop more sophisticated attacks. AV integrators, consultants, and IT manager must understand how AV over IP devices impact the network, the type of threats they could be exposed to and how hardened networked AV devices minimize cybersecurity risks for control rooms. This webinar will provide an overview of key cybersecurity principles, the type of threats networked AV devices such as IP KVM Extenders could be exposed to, and how to manage them.

The Pro AV markets has seen the limitations of complex, expensive, proprietary IP platforms. Watch our video infrastructure experts demonstrate how Matrox ConvertIP transmitters and receivers overcome these challenges by transforming existing infrastructures into interoperable, cost-efficient, and scalable IP networks.

Podcast with Dan Ferrisi from Commercial Integrator about the trend toward open standards and, in particular, of IPMX.

Video plays an essential role in facilitating communication, training, and decision-making in critical environments. In this webinar, our in-house expert will demonstrate how the right encoding and decoding technology can enable you to securely stream and record valuable video data without compromising on quality, reliability, or performance.

Learn how to maximize the return on investment of a remote live production workflow by centralizing your production equipment with IP KVM extenders over internet.

This webinar is also available in Italian.

BrightSign and Matrox join forces in this webinar that unpacks your biggest questions on selecting the right digital signage solution for the government, military and defense sectors for when security is of utmost importance.

In this webinar the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) shares their experience on migrating to Panopto and integrating the Maevex 6020 remote recorder. Learn how NTNU is enhancing the student learning experience with the Panopto/Zoom integration, and why an advanced video learning ecosystem is important to meet growing expectation in today’s higher education environment.