Video News

“These latest C-Series graphics cards deliver solid performance as well as the reliability we have come to expect from Matrox. Having successfully installed Matrox M-Series graphics cards many times in the past, we were excited to test out this new line of cards with our Smart Digital Signage, and would most definitely recommend C-Series to our customers seeking to drive digital signage across multiple displays.”

Willie Jan Bons, CEO, Net Display Systems

“Now, with noise-free studios, ultra-crisp monitors, and properly functioning hardware, complaints about system failures are at an all-time low, creating a much more comfortable—and productive—work environment for all INBS employees.”

Gunnar Gisli Gudnason, Head of Maintenance, INBS

“When we discovered what Monarch HD could do and how easy it was to set up, we didn’t think twice. Comparing Monarch HD with our previous product, we saw that Monarch HD is way easier and faster to install, and it uses an Ethernet connection that delivers more stability than WiFi. We are not experts, but the user interface, for us, was self-explanatory."

Daniel Aguilar Martinez, Content Manager, Universidad La Salle

“I guess anyone can stream from a personal device these days, but Monarch HDX giving us the ability to be a portable TV studio that can push a clean, professional looking show to the web is the next level! The Matrox Monarch HDX encoder was key to our live stream solution for the Australian Screen Editors guild’s Edit Royale event. We certainly plan on using this for similarly-designed setups in the future.”

Greg Taylor, Technical Services Engineer, Digistor

“We checked out the specifications of many devices, ranging from in-computer encoder cards to self-contained devices and found the Matrox Monarch HD interesting for this project. We initially looked at it as an equivalent to the game capture devices, since it could record directly to a USB drive and had a fairly unbeatable price point. We soon realized, however, that its remote recording capability was the key to solving our privacy problem.”

Dominic Besner, Director of Operations, Audiovisual and Multimedia Technical Support at UQAM

“Success at Victoria’s Secret - Las Vegas Forum Shops! We’re using Matrox Mura MPX boards to capture and display multiple sources on eight different video features including three impressive video walls in this completely remodeled store. Matrox Support came through in a huge way. They helped us work through a compatibility issue between the media source’s graphics card and the Mura cards. By setting some forced EDID settings, we were able to overcome some troubles we were having with the inputs. Matrox made us a priority and for that we are very grateful!"

Andrew Wakeman, Senior Designer of Systems Integration Services, PlayNetwork

“We’re pleased to confirm that Matrox C-Series graphics cards have been validated with Play-Out InfoMaster together with Play-Out XL Signage. Play-Out’s advanced signage solutions are used around the world and we believe Matrox C-Series cards are a great fit for powering reliable display walls in a variety of configurations to engage, attract, and inform audiences.”

Johan Lindström, Senior CMS Manager, Play-Out

“The Matrox Extio allows us to render a more efficient service.”

Jeremiah Phillips, Head of Technical Support, Cape Town Emergency Communication Center

“For us, remote management was key. There can be two-to-three webcasts taking place at the same time and not enough technicians to be present in every room. The Matrox API allowed us to create a solution to this problem.”

Marek Domaracky, Senior Video Manager, IT Department, CERN

"With support from Cris Pedraza and Kall Morar, we integrated not only the multi-camera capture and multiviewer capabilities enabled by Matrox VS4Recorder Pro but also an auto-calibrating light system, green screen, editing bays, and sophisticated audio mixers. Matrox saved us many hours by putting so many products into one package. VS4Recorder Pro is definitely one of the right tools to help us achieve our goals."

Jazz Loyal, CTO and Business English Teacher, BritishEnglish.TV