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“We needed a solution that would let us connect cameras, offer live switching capabilities, and allow for a live scoreboard and titles. It would also need to offer virtual sets and keying, which would be used when we interviewed the participants in front of a green screen, and play pre-recorded clips. We found everything we were looking for within the Telestream Wirecast/Matrox solution.”

Michael McAteer, past president of the TMR Curling Club

“Now certified by Scala to drive nine displays per card, Matrox’s C900 graphics card offers a substantial canvas, meaning digital signage can be presented on a larger scale than ever before. Matrox continues to offer high-performance products for professional markets, and our customers benefit from the advances that Matrox has brought, and will continue to bring, to the multi-display graphics market.”

Peter Cherna, Chief Product Officer, Scala

“After we configured PowerStream to the client’s bandwidth specifications, video distribution became a matter of plug and play. It was clear from the start that Maevex would be capable of streaming video across the existing infrastructure with minimal interruption, downtime, and expense.”

Jeff Lai, Sales Manager, Amara International Ltd.

"Matrox Extio products work very well with Honeywell control systems, including the Icon Series Console. Since graphics, audio, and USB hardware is integrated into the Extio device itself, graphics performance at 800ft is as fluid as it would be if the displays were powered directly by an add-in card in a computer only a couple of feet away under the desk."

Dennis Kodimer, Systems Hardware Engineering, Honeywell Process Solutions

"They recommended the Monarch HD technology because of its simplicity and high quality HD recording. It’ll make what could have been a complex and cumbersome operation into something that almost anyone can host themselves.”

Mason Roberts, Founder, DMO Live (Don't Miss Out)

"At a fraction of the price of similar products, Convert DVI maintains the integrity of the footage while embedding the audio. The extreme ease-of-use of Convert DVI means that even our less technical personnel can handle these content captures, without calling on the engineering department for support, which is something I really appreciate."

Jonathan E. Solomon, Senior Broadcast Engineer, WWE

“Monarch HD gives us two options by being able to access a stream point and record to a memory device, such as an SD card. Being able to utilize both gives us the advantage of streaming live games to our audience, while also having a back-up recorded if the internet network fails.”


“We’ve just concluded a test of the Matrox C420, in combination with our newest DS-980 platform, and we’re very happy with the results. This high-quality product supports up to 6 monitors and can function as a video wall, all at a very competitive price.”

Jeroen Baerents, Business Development Manager, Advantech Europe


“Pristine image quality, low bandwidth consumption, high stability… these are the qualities that make Matrox Maevex a unique AV-over-IP solution. Matrox Maevex was instrumental in helping us stream video over our existing IP network and we are very satisfied with the equipment’s performance so far.”

Miss Michelle Siu, Project Officer, Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department

"Matrox Extio remote graphics units provide excellent image quality at high resolutions over considerable distances (up to 820ft). The use of these devices makes it possible for our customers to run the operator interfaces away from their Foxboro DCS workstations, which can be secured in a separate, temperature controlled room."

Betty Naylor-McDevitt, Director Of Marketing for Invensys Process Systems