Video News

“For us, remote management was key. There can be two-to-three webcasts taking place at the same time and not enough technicians to be present in every room. The Matrox API allowed us to create a solution to this problem.”

Marek Domaracky, Senior Video Manager, IT Department, CERN

"With support from Cris Pedraza and Kall Morar, we integrated not only the multi-camera capture and multiviewer capabilities enabled by Matrox VS4Recorder Pro but also an auto-calibrating light system, green screen, editing bays, and sophisticated audio mixers. Matrox saved us many hours by putting so many products into one package. VS4Recorder Pro is definitely one of the right tools to help us achieve our goals."

Jazz Loyal, CTO and Business English Teacher, BritishEnglish.TV


“Without assistance from Matrox we would have been unable to deliver 4K graphics for this event. We are pleased to be one of the first graphics companies to deliver 4K graphics and Matrox enabled us to achieve this. The client was extremely happy with the results produced and a proven ability to deliver 4K graphics is another tick in the box for our company.”

Stuart Coles, Sales Director, AEGraphics

"Generally, Matrox drivers have proven to be really stable, and we haven't run into any problems with our production servers at our clients in the last two years. Reliability is most important to us, and we hope that you will continue to deliver that high quality of drivers."

Thomas Fichtner, General Manager, Meetwise GmbH

“We have validated Matrox C-Series cards with the PRONTODISPLAY digital signage system and we are impressed with the smooth video playback across multiple displays. As a key supplier of turn-key signage solutions to the Norwegian marketplace where multi-display quality, flexibility, and reliability are prized, we believe Matrox C-Series graphics cards are an excellent choice.”

Robert Edlund, Technical Project Manager, Pronto TV

"Without the Matrox Extio, NIPCO would be confronted with many challenges of operating a number of PC workstations away from the actual area where they are needed."

Dennis Hill, VP Telecommunications Services, Northwest Iowa Cooperative

“The first time we tried it, it was for eight hours in a row and it didn’t budge. It worked. It performed flawlessly... I think the possibilities with this machine are limitless.”

Jayson Dénommée,  AV Support Agent, HEC

"In webcasting you need something solid and that has been our experience with the Monarch HD. Because the Monarch HD is hardware, it really has not had any hiccups. It guarantees that the stream will continually webcast in the same quality."

Many Ayromlou, Systems Designer, FCAD Operations Technology Support, Ryerson University

“One of the main reasons that I went with Monarch HDX to begin with was, instead of having two pieces of equipment at different bitrates, I was able to use one piece of equipment, which was smaller in stature than I had previously been using to record those two different recordings. For me, that was huge because I’m traveling to different places to record all of these games with our team, and having one less piece of gear to keep up with is very important.”

Tim Asher, Director of Athletic Video and Team Technologies, UK Athletics

“The client had a clear understanding about the prices of other video wall processors on the market. Ultimately, a Mura MPX-based video wall controller was the most cost-effective choice.”

Gareth Armstrong, Contracts Manager, ALMOE AV Systems