Video News

“One of the main reasons that I went with Monarch HDX to begin with was, instead of having two pieces of equipment at different bitrates, I was able to use one piece of equipment, which was smaller in stature than I had previously been using to record those two different recordings. For me, that was huge because I’m traveling to different places to record all of these games with our team, and having one less piece of gear to keep up with is very important.”

Tim Asher, Director of Athletic Video and Team Technologies, UK Athletics

“The client had a clear understanding about the prices of other video wall processors on the market. Ultimately, a Mura MPX-based video wall controller was the most cost-effective choice.”

Gareth Armstrong, Contracts Manager, ALMOE AV Systems

“Ultimately, taking all factors into consideration, especially the back-end flexibility of Maevex, it was an easy choice, and even easier to integrate the solution into the Bell Centre’s AV-over-IP multicast Avaya network infrastructure.”

Pierre-Eric Belzile, Vice President, Information and Communication Technology, Canadiens

“The Extio Remote Graphics Units have helped us to meet one of our goals for this 24/7 operation—to design a more comfortable work environment within which to maximize productivity.”

Roger Waller, Technology Specialist, Arlington County Office of Emergency Management—Public Safety Emergency Communications Center

“The first time we tried it, it was for eight hours in a row and it didn’t budge. It worked. It performed flawlessly... I think the possibilities with this machine are limitless.”

Jayson Dénommée,  AV Support Agent, HEC

"In webcasting you need something solid and that has been our experience with the Monarch HD. Because the Monarch HD is hardware, it really has not had any hiccups. It guarantees that the stream will continually webcast in the same quality."

Many Ayromlou, Systems Designer, FCAD Operations Technology Support, Ryerson University

“Monarch HD is a lifesaver for us because it takes care of something that we’re not good at. We don’t do video at all. We make the calls to the Monarch HD through the API and it does everything video related for us." 

Richard Drew, CEO, Prime Government Solutions

“The client was blown away with the scaling performance of the Mura MPX-based video wall controller. It didn’t matter what layout they used. They were very happy with the performance.””

Eric Rauch, Principal & Designer, hitplay

When we first started investigating solutions for this lab it was going to be prohibitively expensive with 220 decoding positions. If we hadn’t found Maevex we would have had to go point to point."

Rob Hardy, AV Project Manager, University of Technology - Sydney

"Matrox Graphics has helped us simplify installation of multi-screen operator workplaces with the Extio Product. For System 800xA projects that need computers in a separate room, away from the operator interfaces, it provides exceptional high display quality and performance."

Per Lundmark - Marketing Manager, System 800xA Extended Operator Workplace ABB