Video News

"Students can follow live courses from home and review the recorded lessons later, as often as they want. With Maevex 6020, our professors can focus on teaching, and our students can focus on learning – which is exactly how it should be!"

Student at VUB

“Matrox Monarch LCS gives us the dual-input lecture capture we need in many of our classrooms. The affordable Monarch LCS is small enough to fit in our lecterns with little fuss and records automatically so our faculty don’t have to worry about starting and stopping the process. Matrox’s Kaltura integration has been a key differentiator for Indiana University. Having lecture capture integrated with our institutional video management solution has driven adoption significantly.”

James Scott McGookey, Collaboration Technologies Manager, Indiana University

“Unlike in other sports, fencing takes place on four tracks simultaneously, so there are four matches going on at the same time. We needed a streaming solution that would allow us to capture all four videos and stream them using a single unit. We realized that Matrox was developing the VS4 and knew it was exactly the hardware required.”

Noureddine Kaabi, Director of the Sports Department, KABCOM


"Matrox Convert DVI costs a fraction of other scan converters on the market. At such an affordable price-point, I was ecstatic to find the output signal is cleaner than with other scan converters I've tried. Plus, the fact that Convert DVI can sync to a wider range of DVI resolutions, makes it an ideal solution for USC."


“In Mura MPX, we found exactly the type of powerfully, yet cost-effective solution that we were looking for.”

Chris Dodds, Managing Director, The P.A. People

"We feel very strongly that the solutions Matrox produces cannot be compared to home office or consumer products and meet a high grade of industrial standard. Matrox products are built to last. It was a no-brainer for us to select Matrox.”

Jonas Michael, Head of Digital Development and Operations, Clear Channel Norway

"Matrox has shown a commitment to automation management systems by exposing multi-display capabilities for all system form factors with products like Extio. GE Fanuc products like CIMPLICITY and iFIX can now run up to 820 feet from the operator interface."

Roy Kok, Senior Product Manager of Proficy Software HMI/SCADA Applications and Drivers GE Fanuc Automation

“The company provided a free demo of the equipment on-site in our operating theatre at Akola. Plus, their online and phone technical support has been consistently excellent. I know, without hesitation, if anything should go wrong, someone at Matrox is there for me."

Dr. Rajesh Modi, Director, Akola Endoscopy Centre

“Monarch HDX’s GUI made setup very quick indeed, a matter of minutes. This easy configuration makes the unit great for any streaming or recording we do at external venues. The Monarch HDX does the job of two units in one!”

Jonathan Aloia, Technician and Maintenance Supervisor, Rambert School of Ballet & Contemporary Dance

“With the two video cameras that we already own, the switcher, and the exemplary Monarch HD—we can go live anywhere! It is pretty amazing.”

Paul Gleiser, owner and operator of KTBB and KRWR