Video News

“Monarch HD is a lifesaver for us because it takes care of something that we’re not good at. We don’t do video at all. We make the calls to the Monarch HD through the API and it does everything video related for us." 

Richard Drew, CEO, Prime Government Solutions

“The client was blown away with the scaling performance of the Mura MPX-based video wall controller. It didn’t matter what layout they used. They were very happy with the performance.””

Eric Rauch, Principal & Designer, hitplay

When we first started investigating solutions for this lab it was going to be prohibitively expensive with 220 decoding positions. If we hadn’t found Maevex we would have had to go point to point."

Rob Hardy, AV Project Manager, University of Technology - Sydney

"Matrox Graphics has helped us simplify installation of multi-screen operator workplaces with the Extio Product. For System 800xA projects that need computers in a separate room, away from the operator interfaces, it provides exceptional high display quality and performance."

Per Lundmark - Marketing Manager, System 800xA Extended Operator Workplace ABB

"It is a deceptively simple machine that gives a very high-quality stream with very few steps. Connect the camera, switch on, and stream! Previously, we used another solution that needed many more steps (with more points of failure and issues). This created a tremendous amount of uncertainty, making it necessary to have the supplier on-call each time, and be present at the venue for setting up at least an hour ahead. Now, with the Monarch HD, we just turn up, plug in, press the button, and it takes care of everything for us!”

Antonis Prentzas, IT Manager, AEK Basketball Club

"Matrox HDX is so easy to use that whoever is assisting in the operation room can set it up and activate streaming and recording."

Dr. Song Sangyoon

"The Monarch HD transformed what was a very clunky way of doing things with DVDs and editing and brought us into modern age. It means handling of viewing copies, logging copies and legal compliance copies is just so much more flexible than it was before. Previously we would only have a limited number of DVD copies. If these had to be sent to someone they could easily get lost. Now, we can distribute infinite copies and we always have the master. Monarch HD allows us to create viewing media that is more convenient to use, easier to store and access at a later date."

James Venner, Senior Producer and Director of VSquared TV

“The Matrox Mura API documentation was clear and the .NET example code provided a solid base for us to work from.”

"The use of live content within signage is a growing trend. Validation of Matrox Maevex gives our customers an affordable way to add high-quality video, yet at low bitrates, and we are excited to see the variety of innovative projects that will result."

Peter Cherna, Chief Product Officer, Scala

"Matrox multi-display technology, specifically the G450x4 MMS and QID LP PCIe graphics cards, are the quad-display products of choice for the Emerson DeltaV workstation. Additionally, Emerson Process Management has further validated the Matrox Extio F1400 Remote Graphics Unit for use with DeltaV v9.3 and higher. Extio technology provides exceptional graphics performance and image quality on 4 displays at a distance of up to 820ft. With Extio, DeltaV customers can power operator stations away from their DCS workstation without a performance penalty."

Emerson Process Management