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“Matrox Extio KVM extenders allow desktop PCs to be located in a dedicated secure environment, simplifying desktop PC hardware replacement and allowing for the installation of rise/fall desks.”

Andy Marsh, Project Manager, Transpower New Zealand

"Wonderware has validated Matrox graphics hardware with InTouch HMI SCADA applications. Such Matrox products include: add-in graphics cards from the M-Series, G450 MMS, QID Series and Millennium P-Series product lines; Extio remote graphics units - which can power the user-interface components of a system up to 800ft away from the host PC; and the DualHead2Go Graphics eXpansion Module. The versatile Matrox PowerDesk desktop management software enables Wonderware users to easily customize category A and B configurations. With certain Matrox products, PowerDesk also provides the possibility of enabling a stretched desktop across multiple cards on more than 4 displays."

Keith Jones, Business Manager, HMI / Visualization, Wonderware

“The Matrox Monarch HDX is extremely easy to use with its one-touch button that can be operated by any team member or even a volunteer, without necessitating a full-time technician to take care of the arduous manual audio/video synchronization.”

Jozsef Kurucity, IT Technician, Seventh-Day Adventist Church

“As a long time Matrox customer, I knew that the product would work as advertised, but more importantly, Matrox support would ensure complete customer satisfaction.”

Randall Rike, Director of Technical and Media USA, Capital Christian Ministries International

“Taking into account the solution’s cost-effectiveness, the smooth integration with sources and outputs, and the ensuing installation, Matrox Mura MPX Series made our job as integrators easier as well."

Kristoffer Nord, Key Account Manager, Kontor-X AB

“Matrox’s new C680 graphics card is certified by Scala to drive six displays per card, and using framelock, we can use two cards to obtain twelve full-HD displays fully synchronized… Scala has been working with Matrox successfully for many years and we look forward to the joint high-quality, multi-screen projects that will surely follow.”

Harry Horn, Vice President Marketing, Global, Scala

“We have reduced the environmental stress of the user, which means less noise, less heat, and more working space by avoiding local servers and workstations at operators’ desks.”

Eckart Engel, Project Manager, ARGE VLZ

"It takes three main components to achieve the "ideal" human-machine interface (HMI): The operating system for the PC, the control vendor's software and the graphics controller. These factors are part of a perpetual evaluation cycle to realize the best HMI. Matrox offers an extensive array of products, which helps Yokogawa meet even the most stringent multi-display project requirements. Matrox desktop management software and unified driver architecture provide the versatility needed to easily customize configurations. Products such as Extio remote graphics units, as well as M-Series, QID Series and Millennium P690 Series graphics cards, are choice options for Yokogawa."

Steve Lazok, Technical Solutions, Support Manager, Yokogawa Corp. of America

“H.264 compression gives the testing facility the high quality video required to reliably analyze the tests, but because the file sizes are relatively small, storage is efficient at the same time.”

John Gilluly, President, Smart Homes and Smart Offices

“We had looked at other disjointed systems—for example, adding recording devices into our setup—but really wanted the simplicity of an all-in-one solution that the Matrox Monarch HD presented. We were looking at taking away the computer from the streaming process; having a dedicated box that can stream and record was attractive to us as it frees up other resources and reduces set-up time.”

Chris Watling, Digital Media Specialist, University of Surrey