Video News

"Students can follow live courses from home and review the recorded lessons later, as often as they want. With Maevex 6020, our professors can focus on teaching, and our students can focus on learning – which is exactly how it should be!"

Student at VUB

“We had looked at other disjointed systems—for example, adding recording devices into our setup—but really wanted the simplicity of an all-in-one solution that the Matrox Monarch HD presented. We were looking at taking away the computer from the streaming process; having a dedicated box that can stream and record was attractive to us as it frees up other resources and reduces set-up time.”

Chris Watling, Digital Media Specialist, University of Surrey

“Matrox Mura boards make it easy to build attractive signage layouts incorporating live content feeds, signage content from Mac mini media players, and different backgrounds.”

Sami Käyhkö, Managing Director, Craneworks

“We have used Matrox C-Series boards to demonstrate Sharp’s latest HD and 4K displays. Our set-up was trouble-free, and we are very happy with the results. The Sharp-Matrox combination is an excellent choice for many applications—including multi-display workstations in control rooms, digital signage video walls, and high-resolution presentation displays.”

“We have reduced the environmental stress of the user, which means less noise, less heat, and more working space by avoiding local servers and workstations at operators’ desks.”

Eckart Engel, Project Manager, ARGE VLZ

"It takes three main components to achieve the "ideal" human-machine interface (HMI): The operating system for the PC, the control vendor's software and the graphics controller. These factors are part of a perpetual evaluation cycle to realize the best HMI. Matrox offers an extensive array of products, which helps Yokogawa meet even the most stringent multi-display project requirements. Matrox desktop management software and unified driver architecture provide the versatility needed to easily customize configurations. Products such as Extio remote graphics units, as well as M-Series, QID Series and Millennium P690 Series graphics cards, are choice options for Yokogawa."

Steve Lazok, Technical Solutions, Support Manager, Yokogawa Corp. of America

“H.264 compression gives the testing facility the high quality video required to reliably analyze the tests, but because the file sizes are relatively small, storage is efficient at the same time.”

John Gilluly, President, Smart Homes and Smart Offices

“When we moved to our new engineering facility, we wanted to upgrade to an all-in-solution. The Monarch HD encoder makes it possible to have a recording completely ready to go and at our disposal as soon as the lecture is over. It simplifies streaming and archiving, and offers tremendous flexibility.”

Joshua Brown, Multimedia Production Engineer, Purdue University

"I downloaded the SDK to get the Mura API so I could write a custom Crestron® module to better suit our needs. Worked like a charm. The information was very thorough and provided all the commands we could possibly need. I've used so many different makes of video wall processors in the past, but this was by far the easiest to implement and control from a Crestron.”

Paul Williams, Director/Programmer, SmallNet CSP Ltd

“We have tested C-series successfully and were impressed by the outstanding performance and image quality. C-series opens up new possibilities and puts us ahead of the competition. Matrox graphic cards give our customers and partners the ability to enable flexible, powerful, and reliable video walls for digital signage. The wide range and reliable products contribute to a really good digital signage solution and make the outcome to a better experience. ”

Fredrik Bergström, R&D Manager, DISE International