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"No more opening up a PC box to change video cards or worrying about complex hardware requirements. Matrox makes adding multiple monitors easy."


"The elegant black DualHead2Go box makes a high-end impression. The metal case made in China is manufactured flawlessly and the rounded design looks nice. The stability is very good due to the metal case."


At the core of the new solution are Matrox Extio F1400 remote graphics units, which provide as much as 820 feet of fiber-optic cable to separate user devices from the computer.


"So what happens when you need to update that graphics card to keep up with the ever-changing graphics needs instead of buying a whole new workstation?"

"Matrox Graphics... announces that its Extio RGUs have been certified for use with control systems and software from ABB, Emerson Process Management, Foxboro, GE Fanuc, Honeywell, and Wonderware."


"If ambient noise is a major enemy to your business, the Extio provides the solution. If you want all your PCs in a secure room instead of on your employees' desks, the Extio provides the solution."

"The stability, distance—using very little cabling, multi-display support, and image quality provided with Matrox Extio products were key determining factors in our decision to incorporate this technology into the 800xA Extended Operator Workplace."

Matrox’s Ron Berty demonstrates how Matrox Maevex interactivity with Wowza Streaming Engine enables greater AV-over-IP flexibility to both computers and mobile devices. At the show, Maevex H.264 encoders capture and feed a Scala player into the Wowza Streaming Engine, which then transcodes the content for delivery to a wide range of devices including PCs, cameras, laptops, monitoring equipment, as well as phones, tablets or over-the-top (OTT) boxes. Maevex H.264 decoders also work with Wowza Streaming Engine on the delivery end, providing reliable, Blu-ray-quality decode to displays throughout the corporate or educational infrastructure.

IT/AV Report
By David Cann
Spring 2015

“…we decided to use Maevex gear that, through our testing, has proven to have an excellent build quality. At [Fort McMurray Airport], many of the screen locations are extremely difficult to access, some requiring scaffolding and the closure of escalators in an active airport, so a reliable platform was a must.”

“Our physical distance from the site means that service calls must be handled through contractors, and that requires more remote management and monitoring. The Matrox PowerStream software allows us to dedicate a computer to monitor the Maevex units: We can see their encoding and decoding progress in real time and glean with a high degree of confidence whether the screens are actively showing the advertising assigned to them. With the recent addition of screenshot gathering capabilities, the remote management functions of the Maevex platform have become even more beneficial from a reliability and, ultimately, a cost standpoint.

Read the complete case study in the Spring 2015 issue of AV/IT Report.