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Matrox VERO enables broadcasters, system integrators, and manufacturers to validate ST 2110 edge devices for SMPTE ST 2110-networked infrastructures

L'essenziale Encoder e Decoder per i flussi di lavoro REMI, Monarch EDGE consente ai produttori di eventi dal vivo con la migliore consegna video della classe con la più bassa latenza per produzioni di qualità Broadcast.

The QuadHead2Go checks off all the videowall matrix boxes. It is scalable, easy-to-implement, easy-to-use plus reliable, and easy-to-maintain. It comes from an iconic company founded on engineering and service and best of all it solves problems for both integrators and end users alike. We call that a win all around and would like to thank the team at Matrox for allowing us to evaluate it! Let the videowall problems be solved!

Alan and Jonathan Brawn

The goal of the QuadHead2Go is to make several display devices look like a single pure image. I am putting the QuadHead2Go at the top of my recommended products list.
Kristine Lutero

With a graphics company like Matrox, it’s no surprise that video quality of the Maevex is excellent, both for encoding and scaling. In addition, because the device is so flexible, there must be so many applications that I have not even thought of.

Jeroen Caeyers

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Sept 29 — Oct 1 | 10am to 1pm EST

Attendees will learn how the SMPTE ST 2110 suite of standards and the AMWA NMOS technology stack are improving media workflows for large and small deployments. The event will also highlight the new IPMX proposed set of open standards and specifications and the benefits they can bring to pro AV workflows.

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In this white paper, you will learn what is needed to conduct ST 2110 device validation tests so that you can confidently deploy ST 2110 equipment on-air with every new equipment purchase or update.