Belgian University Health Campus Streams and Records Distance Learning Lectures with Matrox Maevex 6020

Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) is a research university with about 20,000 enrolled students located in the heart of Europe. The Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy at the Brussels Health Campus offers various undergraduate and postgraduate programs in biomedical, medical, and pharmaceutical sciences. 

With the 2020 onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and face-to-face education on our campus being prohibited, we were forced to look for a faculty-wide solution to expand our online distance education. In previous years, a small number of professors had recorded some of their courses as part of a blended learning approach. The majority of education, however, was provided on campus.  

Installing Matrox Maevex 6020 Remote Recorders in our auditoria has proven to be a perfect fit. Used as a complete lecture capture solution in combination with the Panopto™ video management system (VMS) and Canvas learning management system (LMS), we can send high-quality videos from our classrooms to the students’ screens at home. As a result, each auditorium is transformed into a studio in which professors can record and/or live stream their courses without worrying about configuring technology. All they need to do is schedule their recordings, prepare their presentations, and lecture as they normally would. 

Each of our students has an individual learning style and preferences. With the Maevex 6020-driven lecture capture solution, each student can act as a director and have total control over what content to focus on. A setup with two Maevex 6020 devices enables us to deliver four simultaneous, high-quality streams of a focused camera angle, wide camera angle, the professor’s presentation, and the digital board. 

“With recorded sessions, you can re-watch parts of the lecture for clarification, and pause the recording while you take notes. This helps you to process the course material at your own pace.” 

Student at the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, Brussels Health Campus  

Furthermore, creating high-quality recordings has never been easier. In addition to facilitating online distance and blended learning, the lecture capture solution is also used to record on-campus sessions to improve our learning material. This provides absentees with the opportunity to follow the course, and attendees to review the session afterward at their own rhythm.  

Maevex 6020 Remote Recorders in combination with the Panopto video management system and Canvas learning environment enable our teaching staff to record their lectures on-campus without needing to set up additional equipment. Students can follow live courses from home and review the recorded lessons later, as often as they want. With Maevex 6020, our professors can focus on teaching, and our students can focus on learning – which is exactly how it should be! 

Sebastiaan Koole & John Kellen

VUB Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, Brussels Health Campus