TOTOKU Selects Matrox RAD LPX Display Controller Boards

TOTOKU diagnostic display with Matrox RAD LPX
Montreal, Canada/Tokyo, Japan, January 14, 2010 — Matrox Graphics Inc., the leading manufacturer of specialized graphics solutions, is pleased to announce that TOTOKU, a leading worldwide manufacturer of medical image displays and touch panels, is now shipping the Matrox RAD LPX™ Series display controller boards with its line of ME and MS Series diagnostic displays. Medical imaging professionals and industry representatives interested in the new combination of TOTOKU monitors plus Matrox RAD LPX boards are invited to contact their local TOTOKU distributor and/or visit TOTOKU at ECR 2010 for more information.
TOTOKU high-end, high-performance medical image displays and touch panels are backed by unique technology and know-how through decades of solid experience. TOTOKU customers currently deploying the original Matrox RAD™ Series display controller boards can now enjoy the new, low power, low profile RAD LPX PCI and PCIe solutions. The RAD LPX Series opens up new opportunities for overcoming form and fit challenges within PACS workstations and other medical imaging systems, without requiring customers to abandon their prior experiences using Matrox.
"We are very pleased to offer the new RAD LPX Series to our partners," says Marcel Herrmann, Marketing Manager of TOTOKU in Europe. "The increased memory size offers high performance image loading for an optimized workflow. The new fan-less design reduces noise and increases reliability. Matrox RAD LPX Series together with our display products provides customers with a perfect match of display performance and pricing."
"The RAD LPX line paired with the TOTOKU ME and MS Series of diagnostic displays offers a value performance solution for medical imaging professionals looking for pristine image quality and flexibility," says George Rigas, Business Development Manager for Medical Imaging, Matrox Graphics Inc. "We are pleased to have TOTOKU once again choose Matrox technology."
Designed to extend the life of the long serving RAD Series display controller boards, the RAD LPX line offers several additional key features:
  • Low profile PCBs with a bracket change to fit into small form factor or ATX-style workstation PCs
  • Fan-less by design, power consumption has been reduced compared to the original RAD Series
  • All the features available from its predecessor RAD Series, including Legacy 8-bit grayscale modes
  • RAD LPX PCI for 32/64-bit and -X slots allows easy upgrade for PCI system users
  • RAD LPX PCIe x16 version provides a higher performance solution
  • 256MB of onboard high speed memory for image caching and acceleration
  • Dual output, color and/or grayscale support for analog or single link digital displays
  • Mix any analog up to 2.3MP and any digital up to 3MP displays with independent GAMMA LUTs
  • New PowerDesk 2.x driver architecture with "Boot-Free" UI preference selections
  • Replicate Mode allows Display 1 to be replicated to Display 2
  • Multi-board RAD LPX supports combinations of PCI+PCI, PCI+PCIe, or PCIe+PCIe



TOTOKU, founded in 1940 and headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is a leading manufacturer of high-end displays for medical imaging and industrial markets worldwide. Since its launch on the display business in 1972, TOTOKU has supplied its specialty displays into multiple vertical markets and has earned high marks for its product reliability and post installation support, in addition to specialized technologies required for the respective fields. TOTOKU’s products and services are available via its US, EU, and Asia offices and distributors throughout the world.
For more information, visit TOTOKU.

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