Matrox Xenia Pro Validated on Eizo 8MP Display

High-performance medical imaging controller boards compatible with breakthrough RadiForce RX840 diagnostic monitor

Montreal, Canada, August 17 — Matrox is pleased to confirm that professional-grade monitor manufacturer Eizo Nanao Corporation is offering the Matrox Xenia Pro for use with its latest high-resolution Eizo FDH 8MP medical display. With the Xenia Pro single-slot PCI Express board officially validated for use with the Eizo RadiForce RX840, users within the medical industry can take advantage of Xenia’s premium, triple digital-display support for versatile medical imaging. Xenia’s full dual-link bandwidth and display-resolution support are key contributors to its support of the RadiForce RX840.
"The Matrox Xenia Series is well-established within the medical imaging industry for its ability to power premium display solutions,” says George Rigas, Business Development Manager for Medical Imaging, Matrox Graphics Inc. “The RadiForce RX840 is a perfect fit with Matrox’s brand of high-performance display controller boards.”
The RadiForce RX840 boasts an ultra-high resolution of 4096X2160 within its 36.4-inch screen, while Xenia Pro can support two of these monitors - along with a third 4MP navigation console if desired - to provide the necessary desktop space to display all required open-image applications at once. This expansive on-screen workspace delivers unprecedented medical imaging workflow, while featuring pristine image quality throughout.
"We are confident Xenia’s unique functionality will enhance healthcare professionals’ workflow and efficiency with the RadiForce RX840,” says Rigas.
Matrox Xenia Series provides triple digital-display support from a single slot PCI Express board including forward and backward-compatibility with a broad range of monitors and projectors for the utmost flexibility. Pristine image quality at resolutions ranging up to 8MP, new technology to enable optimum display calibration (via Matrox DLC™ and 8/10/13-bit gamma LUTs), and Matrox PowerDesk Zoom functionality enabling replication of any portion of a dual-display desktop onto a single projector are also key benefits. One GB of on-board memory for smooth, reliable performance boosts overall productivity, facilitating efficient diagnoses and reporting by medical imaging professionals on any known and approved display.

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