Matrox Monarch Controls Deeply Integrated into StreamShark Video CDN

Live Streaming Platform Includes Monarch H.264 Capture and Encode Appliance Management Allowing for High-Quality Event Distribution

StreamShark Matrox Monarch HDX
Matrox Monarch H.264 streaming appliances can be remotely managed via the StreamShark Dashboard without needing to touch the Matrox device.
MONTREAL, CA & MELBOURNE, AU – December 14, 2016 — The latest in a series of partner integrations, Matrox is today announcing StreamShark’s implementation of Matrox® Monarch™ encoding and streaming controls into their event video CDN.
“StreamShark works closely with both small and large organizations that use live streaming as a means to broadcast their message globally, at Internet scale,” said James Broberg, CEO, StreamShark. “We are passionate about providing end-to-end solutions for our customers that take the pain out of live streaming while maintaining a high bar regarding quality. To achieve this, we must co-innovate to solve those emerging problems that video professionals experience when managing the end-to-end workflow for live streaming their events.”
Trusted by major organizations such as Sony®, Harvard University, and the Australian Government, StreamShark is a leading technology company with expertise in reliable video stream delivery for global reach. StreamShark relies on high-quality encoding and streaming technology, like that offered by the Monarch HDX and HD encoders, to feed their efficient and reliable event stream management platform.
Matrox Monarch streaming appliances can now be remotely managed via StreamShark —allowing users to start, stop, and redirect streams—as well as change inputs from the StreamShark Dashboard without needing to touch the Matrox device. Combining the robust performance of the Monarch H.264 encoding and streaming appliances with the innovative capabilities of the StreamShark video CDN, such as dual-ingest (primary/backup with automated failover), global multi-CDN and P2P delivery, and end-to-end encryption, delivers a best-of-breed solution for live streamers everywhere.
“Our aim is to affordably and easily permit the capture and distribution of events, no matter the content or the scope,” said Alberto Cieri, senior director (sales and marketing), Matrox. “Whether it’s a feed of a live concert, a distribution of a university lecture, or the sharing of a sermon from a house of worship, the StreamShark integration of Monarch controls allows more people to interact with our technology in an intuitive manner. We’re very pleased with that concept.”

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