Drive up to Six Monitors from a Single Thin Client

Matrox TC48 and TC20+ Cards and Native GPU Outputs of High-Performance Wyse Thin Client Combine to Power Up to Six Displays From a Single System

The Epica TC20+ Dual-Monitor and Epica TC48 Quad-Monitor Cards
Working in conjunction with the Wyse Technology Z90DE7 high-performance thin client, the Epica TC20+ dual-monitor and Epica TC48 quad-monitor cards enable up to six displays from a single system.
MONTREAL — 11 June 2012 — Matrox Graphics Inc. today announced the availability of Matrox Epica TC20+ and TC48 low-profile multi-display graphics cards for enhanced functionality and workspace in cloud computing environments. Working in conjunction with the Wyse Technology Z90DE7 high-performance thin client, the Epica TC20+ dual-monitor and Epica TC48 quad-monitor cards enable up to six displays from a single system, when combined with Z90DE7’s two native graphics outputs. The additional monitor space allows for easier on-screen access to one or more single or multi-monitor published desktops or applications in such demanding virtual desktop environments as the financial and government sectors as well as process control.
Co-validated for use with the Wyse Z90DE7 due to high energy efficiency, low thermal properties, and their PCI Express® bus interface design, the Epica TC20+ and TC48 graphics cards enable a wide variety of multi-display configurations and options for multi-display thin-client users. The dual-monitor TC20+ supports resolutions up to 1920x1200 (digital) and 2048x1536 (analog) per display and up to four VGA displays via an optional upgrade. The Epica TC48 meanwhile supports up to four DVI or DisplayPort™ monitors at resolutions up to 1920x1200, resulting in both cases up to an unprecedented six displays from a single thin client. Users can subsequently open one or multiple remote sessions on each display or span a single spreadsheet, for example, across several monitors.
"By driving up to six monitors from a single system, this thin-client solution will undeniably benefit a great number of people seeking more desktop space,” said Ron Berty, Business Development Manager, Matrox Graphics Inc. “Matrox is pleased to partner with Wyse in this fashion and have Epica cards enhance users’ thin client-computing experiences across multiple monitors and spanning multiple industries.”
System administrators can now manage users’ multi-display and multi-GPU thin clients via a single graphics user interface—Matrox PowerDesk software suite, which comes bundled with Epica cards. PowerDesk supports multi-GPU configurations as well as a multitude of features designed to enhance multi-display workspaces.
Individual settings of each of the thin client’s six displays, such as color depth, refresh rate, resolution, and screen orientation, are easily modifiable in PowerDesk. Additional features meanwhile further empower administrators by delivering deeper desktop management capabilities. Desktop Divider, for example, allows administrators to customize users’ layouts across an up-to-four-display extended desktop made up of the Epica-powered displays. Alternatively, administrators can enable the use of six independent displays, depending on personal preferences and workplace requirements.


The Matrox Epica TC20+ and Matrox Epica TC48 graphics cards are available immediately, as is the Wyse Z90DE7 thin client. For more information, contact Matrox Video.

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