Understanding KVM over IP and Its Benefits

What is an IP KVM?

KVM over IP is an extension technology that uses Internet Protocol (IP) to transport information from point A to point B, converting the signal into packets and distributing them through standard network switches. A KVM over IP extender allows you to remotely access, monitor, and control multiple systems from a single workstation or operator console.


Top 5 benefits of using an IP KVM

Keep your systems secure 

An IP KVM extender can be configured to allow remote access and management from a distance and provides the ability to switch between multiple computers. By centralizing systems, IP KVM extenders enable companies to secure expensive equipment, and facilitate collaborative workflows between team members in different locations. In addition, IP KVM also eliminates distractions from noise, heat emissions, and cramped workspaces—so they can stay focused on what matters.  

Work from anywhere 

IP KVM extension and switching solutions allow multiple users in different locations to all have access to the same system and work together in real-time.  IP KVM extenders make it easy to work from a distance, visualize important information together, and improve teamwork. 

Improved workplace comfort 

Since IP KVM technology requires minimal equipment, businesses can improve their work environments and increase their day-to-day productivity by decluttering desk space and optimizing workstations. In addition to improving ergonomics, centralizing systems to one location can also help prevent any hardware tampering, theft of critical information, and simplifies any required maintenance. 

New available workflows 

An IP KVM provides greater flexibility and scalability than a traditional KVM as it can enable you to remote access, manage, and control any computer on your network. With an IP KVM, companies can add or remove devices as needed and can easily scale their operations making them ideal for businesses that are looking to improve ergonomics or expand their workforce.  

Lower equipment costs 

IP KVM switches reduce the need for dedicated, expensive cabling infrastructure. An IP KVM is a future proof solution that can often be integrated with existing equipment, further reducing costs.