University of Southern California Discovers the Benefits of Matrox Convert DVI

USC always strives to reach its 38,000 students in the most effective way. Geared towards masters and doctoral students at the Viterbi School of Engineering, DEN@Viterbi is designed to meet the needs of engineering professionals, giving them the opportunity to advance their education while maintaining their career and other commitments. Breaking down geographical and scheduling barriers, DEN@Viterbi lets students take classes from anywhere, at any time. Lectures can be viewed live online or can be downloaded from an archive.
Eleven classrooms are equipped with audio/video capabilities that allow live streaming and recording of the classes. Matrox Convert DVI scan converters have become an integral part of this process. Operations engineer, Lorenzo Casas, describes the workflow.
"In each classroom, three cameras are positioned to give online viewers a realistic picture of the proceedings—one is dedicated to the audience, another focuses on the professor, and the third is placed overhead for document camera recoding. The camera work is done by a team of over 50 undergraduate students. Content from computers, tablets, and smartboards is also an important part of our broadcasts to show PowerPoint slides, video clips, and other material pertinent to the lecture."
"VGA video outputs from the three cameras and from the computer, tablet, or smartboard are routed to a Barco switcher located in a classroom control booth. An onsite operator switches among the four sources to create the "program output" which is streamed to students around the world. Simultaneously, the program output is sent from the switcher via DVI to a Matrox Convert DVI unit which scan converts the signal to SDI making it suitable for the long cable run to the master control room which in some cases is as far as 400 feet from the classroom. In the master control room, the SDI signal is fed into an SDI router and monitored by several technicians. The high-quality SDI signal is also used for archiving every lecture to the video servers in the master control room."
Convert DVI in University Southern California
Why Matrox Convert DVI? Lorenzo explains, "Matrox Convert DVI costs a fraction of other scan converters on the market. At such an affordable price-point, I was ecstatic to find the output signal is cleaner than with other scan converters I've tried. Plus, the fact that Convert DVI can sync to a wider range of DVI resolutions, makes it an ideal solution for USC."